The Self-service portal

In the Self-service portal you can, among other things, register working hours and absences, submit travel expense claims or apply for expense reimbursements. Remember to update your user profile. The Self-service portal replaces the HR-portal.

Norwegian version: Selvbetjeningsportalen

Topic pages: Salary | Holiday leave| Illness and sick leave | Leave of absence | Travel

The Self-service portal in your browser

 Log in to the Self-service portal - Choose english in the upper right corner

  • Choose NTNU from the drop-down menu and log in with your Feide user (same as you use elsewhere at NTNU).
  • You may also log in via Then you have to choose Feide from the drop down menu before you log in with your Feide user.
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Mobile app

If you wish, you can download the app "DFØ self-service" to your mobile. Note! The app requires iOS version 10 or later, or Android version 6 or later.

The vast majority of functions are available in both the DFØ App on mobile and DFØ self-service online. However, some things can only be found in the portal.

More info:

New employee number

From 2023 you have a new employee number. You find this next to your name in your user profile in the Self-service portal.

Update your user profile when you access the Self-service portal

Information about your next of kin, children and credit card Eurocard was not transferred from the HR-portal to the Self-service portal.

Guide: How to update your user profile (

Family information

  • Register who the employer should contact in case of emergency.
  • If you care for children 12 years and younger, you must register it in the Self-Service Portal to be allocated a quota for time off in case of children's illness. The quota will be available in the system the day after you register your children.
  • If you a registered as a single parent or have a child with disabilities or chronic illness, you must notify the Service center after the child is registered in the Self-service portal. Go to Sick child

Credit card and bank account

Travel credit cards: If you had registered Eurocard in the HR portal, these were not transferred to the Self-Service Portal. You must therefore enter this yourself. See guide: Registering credit cards in the Self-Service Portal (

Bank account: Have you received a new payroll account number? If you are changing from one Norwegian bank account to another Norwegian bank account, you can do it yourself: How to change your account number in the Self-Service Portal ( If you need to change from one foreign account to another foreign account, or from a foreign to a Norwegian account, the Service Centre must make the change in the payroll system. Contact us for help.

Help & How-To

E-mail notifications from DFØ

To help you stay up-to-date and within the regulations, you will be sent an automatic notification by e-mail when you have incomplete tasks in the Self-Service Portal. You will receive guidance in the email on what to do to complete the task in the Self-service portal.

You will, for example, receive a notification if you have forgotten to register working hours or if you have unsent travel expense claims in the Self-service portal.

You who have flextime will be notified on 1 November and 1 December if you have more than ten minus hours or 50 plus hours on your flextime balance.

Problems logging in?


Use the following contact points for the Service Center.