The Self-service portal

On 1 January, the HR portal is replaced by the Self-service portal. Here you can, among other things, register working hours and absences, submit travel expense claims or apply for expense reimbursements. Remember to update your user profile.

Remember to update your profile

Norwegian version: Selvbetjeningsportalen

Topic pages: Salary | Holiday leave| Illness and sick leave | Leave of absence | Travel

The Self-service portal in your browser

 Log in to the Self-service portal - Choose english in the upper right corner

Mobile app

If you wish, you can download the app "DFØ self-service" to your mobile. The first time you log in you have to ID yourself through "ID-porten". See step by step guide to login in the Introduction to DFØ's self-service solutions for NTNU employees ( Note! The app requires iOS version 10 or later, or Android version 6 or later.

The vast majority of functions are available in both the DFØ App on mobile and DFØ self-service online.
However, there are three things you can only find in the portal. It is annual report, a leave application and side tasks.

More info:

New employee number

From 2023 you have a new employee number. You find this next to your name in your user profile in the Self-service portal.

Update your user profile when you access the Self-service portal

Information about your next of kin, children and credit card Eurocard was not transferred from the HR-portal to the Self-service portal.

Guide: How to update your user profile (

Family information

  • Register who the employer should contact in case of emergency.
  • If you care for children 12 years and younger, you must register it in the Self-Service Portal to be allocated a quota for time off in case of children's illness. The quota will be available in the system the day after you register your children.
  • If you a registered as a single parent or have a child with disabilities or chronic illness, you must notify the Service center after the child is registered in the Self-service portal. Go to Sick child

Credit card and bank account

Travel credit cards: If you had registered Eurocard in the HR portal, these were not transferred to the Self-Service Portal. You must therefore enter this yourself. See guide: Registering credit cards in the Self-Service Portal (

Bank account: Have you got a new bank account number for your salary after October 5, 2022? Then it is not guaranteed that your bank account number is transferred to the Self-Service Portal. Check that your bank account is correct. Guide: How to change your account number in the Self-Service Portal (

Help & How-To

Problems logging in?

  • The self-service portal can be opened in the Safari, Edge and Chrome browsers. Make sure you use one of these.
  • Employees paid by the hour do not have access to the portal/app at the beginning of January. Make a note of the hours until you get access.
  • You can log in via two different links:
  • a) Directly via, where you select NTNU and log in with your Feide user or
  • or via where you first select Feide via the drop down-menu
  • If you get an error message: Try reloading the page, possibly click one step back in the browser and try logging in again.
  • You can only be logged in to the app or self-service portal on one device (mobile / tablet / PC) at a time, and only in one tab in the browser. If you log in to several places at the same time, the system will block you out for 30 minutes. Then you will get an error message about this.
  • If you log in via DFØ's website, first select Feide as a business in the drop-down menu. You will then be redirected to the Feide portal, where you select "NTNU" and log in in the same way as for other services that use Feide.
  • Check operational messages from IT.
  • Check operating notices at DFØ (


Use the following contact points for the Service Center