Accounting for travel expenses

Everything you need to know about accounting for travel expenses, deadlines and deductions. For employees at NTNU. Travel expenses claim should be submitted as soon as possible after the travel date, and no later than one month after the travel has ended.

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Travel expenses claim in HR-portalen

If you are an employee at NTNU, you need to use Travel expenses claim in HR-portalen. Bot Anna controls all travel expenses claims, using RPA-technology. If you get your claim in return, you will also get a comment about what is missing in the claim.

Sign in to *HR-portalen* and choose Myfolder. In the left upper corner find a green section named New form. Then choose Travel expenses claim from the drop down list.

HR portalen

Travel claims in HR portalen

To access HR portalen, use a webbrowser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome. Mac users must use Firefox. Linux users must contact Bluegarden. Not working? Check if the pop-up blocker on your browser blocks the site.


Organisation is the division you are employed at.

If you work at one division but travel on the behalf of another division, you should change Organisation field and choose the department that will receive your travel claim.

It can be to different numbers in these fields, depending on which division to receive your travel claim. As an employee, you are responsible to fill out the correct information on which division that should receive the travel claim. See picture below.

Burden of costs/override accounts

As an employee, you are responsible to fill out the correct project number (prosjektnr), analyse and k-sted (the division you are travelling on behalf for). Fill in the boxes prosjektnr, analyse and ksted as shown below.

Do not fill inn Art. It comes automatically:

travel claim first page

Where and why did you travel

A detailed description of the place and the purpose of your travel must be filled in. It is not enough to write for example "meeting/course/seminar in Oslo". Write the name of meeting/course and the exact place you were at.

Travel type

Choose either reimbursement of expenses or coverage of both food and travel (subsistence allowance for government rates).

Type of accommodation

Choose the type of accommodation. If you combine both private and work-related travel, remember to write the dates for both travels separately.

By travelling private, you must choose type of accommodation: "private stay". This will result in no reimbursement.

Travel abroad

When you choose travel abroad on page one, you will get an extra section Compensation allowance.

Compensation is only given when traveling at official duty. Daily allowance is based on governmental rates (in Norwegian). The rates will vary depending on the country traveled too.

Meal deduction and other travel expenses should be filled out the same way as inland-travel.

Meal deduction

You are paid a fixed amount per day (per diem) to cover your food expenses. If one or more meals are covered by the invoice/program/invitation, mark the boxes with the meals that were included:

Meal deduction

Note that all the food you get is taxable. Food coverage depends on type of travel. The food is not covered if the travel is inland and under the six hours.

Car allowance

Driving reimbursement is only valid when you use your own car. If you have used buss, trains, planes etc., you need to fill in reimbursement of expenses.

It should be agreed with your leader in advance. Accurate driving route must be provided. Can be downloaded from Google Maps. The name of passengers must be filled in.

Save the form to be able to upload the receipts

To upload a receipt, you must SAVE the travel claim first.

travel claim page 2 save the form

Travel expenses

Choose the type of expenses or Import from credit card: if you have a corporate credit card, then some information will be filled in automatically. It pays to have credit cards if you travel a lot. More about Credit card

  • Airplane expenses:it has to be documented by ticket/receipt showing amount, date, name and flight. Tickets booked with Berg-Hansen fulfills all the requirements.
  • Receipt: remember to save the form to upload the receipt. You can also upload all receipts at the last page of travel claim.
  • Choose the foreign currency used and write the amount of expenses in that currency. The section amount in NOK will be automatically filled out in NOK.

How to fill in the expenses

Travel advance received

If you have applied for and received a travel advance for the trip, you must register the amount you have received under the Travel advance received section.

Note that you do NOT need to list anything here if any of the expenses are prepaid (such as booking of flights or hotels). NTNU receives an invoice for the expenses automatically.

travel advanced received


You can scan or take picture of the receipts and download it to the travel claim (pdf og jpg). You should submit your travel expenses account as soon as you have returned from your travels, but at the latest within one month after your travel is over.

  • Each receipt requires their own separate line in the form, with normal rounding of the cost.
  • Currency: it should be same currency in the form as on the receipt. Robot doesn`t convert from e.g. EUR to NOK.
  • Quality of receipt: handwritten receipt is difficult to read for robot. Try to download a receipt in good quality/easy to read.

You can also fill out travel claim on your mobile phone (in Norwegian).

You can download receipts in the section Expenses, by saving the form first. Or you can upload all the receipts at the last page of travel expenses claim (page 3).


Payments are made twice a month, around the 12th and 25th.

Formal documentation of reimbursement

To control travel expenses claims, we use an algorithm that follows the travel regulations and necessary requirements for documentation from the government. The requirements will vary according to what kind of reimbursement that is applied for.

See Bokføringsforskriften § 5-1-1 (in Norwegian).

  • Documentation must clearly contain the payment invoice of the expanse (what the payment is for) and the receipt of the payment.
  • Payment with card require both the payment basis and a receipt of the drawn expense.
  • Bank statement can be shown in combination with the invoice/debit note that was the origin of the payment.
  • Internet purchases must show documentation of the specific goods (price, the amount etc.) and a receipt of the drawn expense.

Rejected or disapproved travel claim?

If the software finds errors in the travel expenses claim, the form will be returned to the employee who sent it in.

Read more about returned travel claims.

Travel expenses claim for non-employees

If you are not an employee at NTNU, you will find more information and which form to use at Travel expenses claim for non-employees.


Do you have questions or need help? Contact the service center:

 NTNU Hjelp

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