Accounting for travel expenses

Travel expense claims now go through the Self-service portal or DFØ app. The HR-portal is closed.

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How to register your travel expense claims

Travel expenses for monthly or hourly paid employees

 Log in to the Self-service portal

and open the Travel-tab - Register travel expense claim

or download the DFØ app (

Remember to choose "public transport" for bus tickets etc. not "commute".

Travel expenses for assignment contractors that receive fees

If you have entered into an assignment contract with NTNU, you must submit travel expense reports via the Betal-meg solution or the DFØ app.

You can access Betalmeg from the start date of the assignment contract. A contractor does not need to be registered as a user in Betalmeg like other external parties. Access comes through the contract itself.

Travel expenses for guests/non-employees

If you are not employed at NTNU, but need to cover travel expenses, you use the Betal-meg solution or the DFØ app.

Self-employed persons cannot submit travel expense reports to NTNU.

Documentation requirements

Your expenses must be documented with vouchers that clearly show:

  1. basis of payment = what the expense is for, AND
  2. payment confirmation = that the expense has actually been paid

An order confirmation meets only the first requirement, while a bank statement, bank terminal statement, etc. only meets the second requirement. An approved receipt meets both requirements. When this is not available, the cost can be documented with a combination of two vouchers that each meet its own requirements.

All receipts must be readable. For receipts in other languages (other than English and Norwegian/Swedish/Danish), a description of the payment basis must be enclosed and confirmation that the voucher shows payment confirmation.

Keep the original documents until payment of the refund in case of any ambiguity.

Reimbursed for expenses that are not related to travel

Go to Reimbursements personal expenses


Send expense reports as soon as you can after you get home. Payment is made several times a month, see dates on the payroll schedule (in Norwegian).

Where in the process is your expense claim?

Go to "Register travel expense claim" in the Self-service portal. In the left hand pane you can find travel expense claims that have been sent, approved, paid, returned or saved as drafts.

  • Draft: You have started filling out your claim, but it is not yet sent.
  • Sent: Your claim is sent and is waiting for approval.
  • Approved: Your claim is approved and will be paid out. Travel expense claims is paid out on dates of payment "travel expenses and reimbursements" in the payments schedule.
  • Returned: Your claim is rejected and returned to your for correction.
  • Paid: The travel expense claim has been paid out.

Note that from 2023 costs must be registered in a new way

When you register travel expense claims in the Self-Service Portal/DFØ app, the cost will automatically follow your employment. If the cost is to be entered on a specific project or a department other than the one associated with your employment, you must provide additional information.

Project: If the cost is going to be on a specific project, you must enter the subproject number/name (delprosjekt) in the "Work order (K7)" field. The field can be found in Step 1 Itinerary - Cost Allocation - "custom/Other" in the Self-Service Portal. The field is searchable. By typing either the name of the subproject or the first digits, you get a list of selectable subprojects. In the DFØ app's expense claim form, it is located under the tab Reimbursements and the Cost allocation button.

If the cost is not going to a specific project, you do not need to make changes to the field "Work order (K7)", the value "Generelle driftskostnader" (default value) should be in the field.

Cost centre "koststed": If the cost is going to a department other than the one associated with your employment, you can write in the "Cost centre" field. The field can be found in the same location as "Work Order (K7)", described above. Find your "koststed" (in Norwegian).

Ask your local controller if you need the number for an internal project or your prosjektøkonom, if you need the number for an external project. If you don't know who your local controller/prosjektøkonomi is, ask your nearest supervisor.


In the Self-Service Portal it is possible to send an application for travel. As of 1 January 2023, NTNU has not introduced a requirement to use prior approval of travel. However, there may be local guidelines for this where you work.

A process will be carried out in 2023 to clarify whether/how NTNU should practise prior approval.

It is possible for entities to introduce pre-approval, but the Service Center will not have the capacity to assist with this in the transition to 2023.

Travel guidelines

Do you have travel expense claims from 2022?

The deadline for submitting an expense claim was 8 December 2022. In the self-service portal, you cannot enter dates before 2023. Such bills must therefore be registered in the Self-Service Portal or DFØ app with a fictitious date. Write 1.1.23 and indicate the real date in the comment field. If you have multiple bills, the next one must have a different date than the first.


Do you have questions or need help? Contact the Service center