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A guide for employees

Temaside reise - hovedportlet

1.Booking a flight, hotel room or rental car

Log in and order  You must use NTNU's selected venders: Airfare | Hotel | Rental Cars

Urgent bookings: Call Berg-Hansen travel agency. Tel: 08050 (+47 22 00 80 50 from abroad). Please note that the service will lead to an additional charge.

Regulations: Travel guidelines

2.During your travels

3.Travel expenses form

Complete travel expense form in the HR-portal| How to fill out the form

Reise illustration (image by Jenifer Corrêa CC-BY )

(by Jenifer Corrêa CC-BY)



If you have questioins about travel expenses, please contact your supervisor or local HR-contact.

NB: NTNU's central service center is gradually taking over responsibility for travel-related issues. See if it applies for you unit and contact information for the service center (only in Norwegian). 

Reise - valutakalkulator

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