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A guide for employees

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Booking a flight, hotel room or rental car

You must use NTNU's selected venders: Airfare | Hotel | Rental Cars

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Urgent bookings: Call Berg-Hansen travel agency. Tel: 08050 (+47 22 00 80 50 from abroad). Please note that after normal opening hours 08.00 - 17.00, the service will have an additional cost.

Regulations: Travel guidelines

  • Check that you have received a confirmation email within 4 hours of booking your trip.
  • Typically, you pay for your travel yourself and your expenses are refunded afterwards.
  • Download Berg-Hansen app from App Store, Google Play or from
  • We recommend that you pay using a credit card so that you will be insured during your trip.
  • Register credit card in the Self-service portal
  • In some cases, you can be given a travel advance.
  • Pre-approval of travel has not been introduced as a common requirement at NTNU as of 1 January 2023, but there may be local guidelines where you work

During your travels

Travel expenses form

Note! The March 2023 stated the incorrect payout date for the second travel expense claims and reimbursements. The correct date should be March 31, not March 24.

Do you have travel expense claims from 2022? The deadline for submitting an expense claim was 8 December 2022. In the self-service portal, you cannot enter dates before 2023. Such bills must therefore be registered in the Self-Service Portal or DFØ app with a fictitious date. Write 1.1.23 and indicate the real date in the comment field. If you have multiple bills, the next one must have a different date than the first.

Reise illustration (image by Jenifer Corrêa CC-BY )

(by Jenifer Corrêa CC-BY)



If you have questioins regarding travel expenses, contact your nearest leader or the service senter.

For questions about NTNU`s travel agreements, contact the Financial devicion.

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