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  1. How do I switch between languages?
    Click on the flag located above this page's title. 
  2. How do I find english content?
    By search or by choosing "For employees" og "For students" in the top menu. We have translated the majority of articles, but let us know if there is something you need.
  3. Is my profile page visible for people outside NTNU?
    If you are employed at NTNU, yes. If you are a student, the answer is No. Only NTNU users who are logged in can see student profile pages.  Find out more about your profile page.
  4. Why am I getting an error message when I try to log in?
    See this list of possible reasons.

Please contact your local support  if you need help learning Innsida (in Norwegian only).

Tilbakemelding - kontakt oss


Use  "For employees" or "For students" in the top menu to find useful pages and frequently used systems.

Use the search to get directly to the information you need. You can use the magnifying glass to filter the search on e.g. people or topics.

Report errors

We appreciate if you let us know about errors or problems you encounter.

Contact Orakel

It is very helpful if you include a screen capture (Alt + PrintScrn, or Cmd+Shift+4 on Mac) .