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Course schedules (Timeplan)

For students

Course schedules (Timeplan) - guideline

This is how to use our course schedule in TP.  

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Open course schedule

How to use the course schedule 

Open the course schedule before following the instructions below.  

Choose you courses and groups 

  1. Choose "Get courses and groups from Studentweb" if you are registered to any courses.  
  2. Or: you can manually choose your courses from the menu "Courses (term no)".  
  3. Choose your group activities (e.g. lab, seminar) from the "Group"-menu if this is a possibility.
    Remember that this is only for viewing – you are not signing up for any groups.
    Group activities are not being updated automatically from Studentweb, you have to choose them manually.  
  4. Remember to make sure you have selected the correct semester. 

Screenshot. Step 1. Choose courses and groups.

Subscribe and save 

  1. Through "Subscribe to these activities" you can synchronize your schedule with your own calendar, e.g. Google Calendar.  
  2. Choose "Show weekly schedule" to get a classic week view in your browser 
  3. It is also possible to "Download Excel", if you want to save your schedule as a PDF or print it.  

You can always save/bookmark your setup in your browser, e.g. Chrome bookmarks or Innsida bookmarks.
Make sure you have done all the choices of groups and activities before you bookmark the URL.  

Screenshot. Step 2. Subscribe and save.

This is what it might look like – an example 

This is an example of a weekly schedule for a student at the bachelor’s degree program in informatics.  

Screenshot. Example of what it might look like.

Find out what is planned for your program 

If you are enrolled in courses where there are multiple lectures or groups to choose from, you can always check if there is a special lecture or group planned for your program. Go to the course site and search for the course you want to check.

  1. Go to the tab "Timetable"
  2. Choose your program in the menu "Studieprogram" 

You will now only see activities planned for the program you have chosen. These should not collide with other mandatory courses. 

Screenshot. Find out what is planned for your program.

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