If you add your bookmarks to the bookmark app on Innsida, you can access them no matter what computer you log on from. This page details the usage of bookmarks on Innsida.

In Norwegian: Bokmerker

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Choose your IT systems

Under the tab showing a PC screen you can add bookmarks to a range of IT systems like Blackboard, Office365, Mazemap, ePhorte, Webmail etc. 

Add personal bookmarks

  1. Chose the tab "Mine" 
  2. Click the Plus icon right above it. Enter a descriptive title tittel and the URL in the corresponding fields. 
  3. Click Save.

Change your personal bookmarks

  1. Chose the tab "Mine", and click the pencil right above it.
  2. Edit the bookmark by clicking the pencil icon. delete the bookmark by clicking the trash can icon to the right of the bookmark.
  3. To save, click the cross that appeared at the same place as the pencil icon was. 

Change how links open in your browser 

If you are taken to a new window rather than a new tab every time you click a bookmark, you can change your preferences to fix this.If you haven't already changed your browsers settings, Internet Explorer is probably deciding how it displays links and pop-up windows by itself.

How to change you settings (IE)

  • Click Tools in the menu, and select Internet Options.
  • Click the Settings button, under Tabs (in the 'General' category).
  • Change your browser settings as shown in the picture below, and click OK.

Innstillinger for IE