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Special needs accommodation

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Who can I contact?

 Who can I contact?

For students at risk associated with Covid-19:

Students who cannot attend lessons in person because they are in a risk group for COVID-19 and need special accommodation, must provide a physician's statement documenting this. Students who are in quarantine and need short-term accommodation do not need any documentation.

Students must contact the student adviser for your programme of study to arrange special needs accommodation.

  • You need special teaching arrangements
  • You need extended deadlines for semester assignments/exercises
  • You need a longer period to complete your study programme
  • You have questions about applying for special examination arrangements (to do this, you submit an application to the Examinations Office)
  • You wonder how special examination arrangements take place in practice
  • You have other needs, or things that you need to clarify. We are here for all students with different challenges in physical and mental health. Below, you can read about the services we offer.

Important deadlines

 Important deadlines

Some of NTNU's support services have application deadlines: 

  • 1 September for accessible study places
  • 15 September for special examination arrangements in the autumn semester
  • 15 February for special examination arrangements in the spring semester

 Information video from the Disability Office

Make appointment in advance

Make appointment in advance

Due to of infection control, we now have to ask all students to make an appointment in advance by sending an email to The door will be locked for an indefinit time and you will be met at the door for your appointment.

Support services available

 Support services available

  • Mentor
  • Study spaces
  • Syllabus 
  • Aids and assistive technology
  • Assessment of needs

Services we offer

Courses and groups

 Courses and groups

  • Course in coping strategies - ADHD
  • Course in coping strategies - dyslexia
  • Courses in Lingdys and Lingpilot 
  • Mentor training
  • Asperger group

Our courses and groups 

Contact us

 Contact the Disability Office

Before we meet, it would be helpful if you could think through the challenges you face and the kind of help that you need.  

Please do not include sensitive personal and health data in email and attachments.