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Special needs accommodation

Om NTNU Tilrettelegging

Students with disabilities and students with special needs can apply for individual adaptation of their studies and exams (Act relating to universities and university colleges § 4-3)



Book counseling with one of our advisers:

Counceling in Gløshaugen | Counceling in Dragvoll |  Counceling in Ålesund | Counceling in Gjøvik

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NTNU Tilrettelegging, Gamle Kjemi, 7491 Trondheim (link to map)

Please do not include sensitive personal and health data in email and attachments.

Er du faglærer og har spørsmål rundt tilrettelegging for studenter med funksjonsnedsettelser?

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Are you a study adviser and will be helping students with special needs?

Read more about how you can facilitate (in Norwegian) STUDIER-chatbot (NTNU0828537 - II-3403) OK crosspublish