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For students and employees

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Si fra - over toggler - krysspublisert til sifra-ansatt

You should report any unwanted incidents or anything that is not functioning properly. By doing so, you are contributing to keeping NTNU a safe place for students and staff.

Si fra - toggler

Censurable conditions are situations in which we see breaches of the law, to international written guidelines, or offences to ethical norms to which there is broad consensus in society.

For instance:

Not sure what to report? Read more about whistbleblowing - what and how.

Give notification about censurable conditions

If you experience a breach of internal guidelines and laws that regulate information processing or privacy, we want you to report this as a non-conformity.

Report a non-conformity

A digital security incident

A digital security incident is, for example, a computer attack, a fraud attempt or lost ICT equipment. Such incidents may also affect personal information.

If you experience a digital security incident, please report it by e-mail or telephone ti NTNU SOC (NTNU's Security Operations Center). 


Personal data is all information that can be linked to a person, and is a type of information value that has special requirements for handling. 

More information about privacy

More information about digital security incidents and deviations


Quality education is created when you as a student or employee participate in the evaluation and development of courses and study programmes, and speak up about lacking quality.

How this is done, is described in NTNU's quality assurance system for education.

Evaluate courses & study programmes

Education Quality at NTNU

If the quality assurance system is not followed, this needs to be brought up with the institute or faculty responsible. If this does not lead to action, you can report it as a deviation.

How to report deviations is described in Procedure - Report Deviations - Education Quality

Report a problem about teaching and learning environment

HSE shall ensure and improve the working environment for both employees and students.

To contribute to this, it is important that you notify if you are exposed to or witness to:

  • Dangerous situations.
  • Damage.
  • Accidents and near misses.

When you report deviations, the incident will be followed up, and routines and workflow can be improved to prevent similar happenings in the future.

HSE for students | HSE for employees

Report HSE deviations


Report errors or deficiencies in buildings and rooms.

For example:

  • Ventilation.
  • Cleaning.
  • Technical or fysical problems.

Building services - for students | Bulding services - for empolyees

Contact E-custodial services

Varsle politi

If you are exposed to, or witness to a crime, contact the police.

Si fra - høyreboks - krysspublisert til sifra-ansatt

Have you experienced cencurable conditions at NTNU but are not ready to notify? You can have a noncommittal chat with one of these:

For students

For employees