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Education Quality at NTNU

Student tasks in this quality assurance process can be found on a dedicated page.

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Mål for kvalitetsarbeidet

Goals for the work on quality

Education quality is created in the interaction between students and teachers, and through dialogue with stakeholders from working life and society. The mission is to educate candidates with in-demand competence that will contribute to NTNU’s vision Knowledge for a better world

NTNU works systematically to develop the quality of our study programs. This work is rooted in NTNU’s strategy, and the goal is that all education must be characterized by quality at a high international level. 

Please note: We are currently working with the English version of these pages. In the meantime please refer to this page: Quality assurance of education.

Card deck utdanningskvalitet

Evaluere og utvikle emner
Evaluation and development of study programs
Utvikle studieporteføljen

About the Quality Assurance System

About the Quality Assurance System

NTNU’s Quality Assurance System for Education describes goals for the quality work and defines roles, responsibilities, tasks, and follow-up procedures. About NTNU’s Quality Assurance System