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For employees


Please note that this year's order deadline is December 12th. Do you need goods or services to be delivered between 15 December and 15 January? Then this must be ordered no later than Monday 12 December 2022.

Some faculties, institutes, and departments may have set an earlier deadline than 12 December 2022 in order to meet the approval deadline in the current ordering system.  We therefore recommend that you check with your local orderer which date applies to you.

Purchasing 1-2-3

Purchasing 1-2-3

If you need to make simple purchases, such as computer equipment, office supplies, mobile telephones, food, or flowers, you must use an electronic form.

Before you purchase:

  • Ask your supervisor for approval of the purchase if you do not have the authority to make the purchasing decision on your own.
  • Which suppliers should you use?

Make a request to purchase goods or services:

Purchase request form 

Buy a PC, Mac or computer accessories

After your have sent your request:

  • Your purchase request will be registered and controlled by your purchasing representative.
  • An order will be sent to the supplier after approval by a superior.

Please inform the orderer when the goods or services is received.

Problems? Contact your purchasing representative.

More information about purchases:

Purchasing limits

Guiding principle: As much as possible, any procurement should be based on competition, predictability, transparency and verifiability.

General purchase agreements: Which suppliers can you use?

Need IT stuff? Feel free to contact  NTNU's division for IT advice.

Billing address and reimbursement

Billing address

  • E2B: NO974767880MVA
  • EHF: NO974767880
  • NTNU GLN nummer: 7080003195371
  • NTNU PEPPOL adresse: 0192: 974767880

PDF billings (billings sent as attatcments): Please send these to:

All invoices must be labeled with an order number or Cost Center.

Norwegian suppliers can not send PDF invoices after 1 October 2019.


Reimbursement of personal expenses

Guidelines and ethics