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For employees

Ordering 1-2-3

Before you order:

Make a request to purchase goods or services: 

Fill out the purchase request form

Please note that there are other sites and forms that should be used when you are ordering the following:  

After you have sent in your request:

  • The form will be registered and controlled by your local purchaser.  
  • The purchase order will then be sent to the relevant supplier after approval by your superior with budget allocation authority (BDM).   

Please remember to notify your purchaser when you have received the products or services.

Experiencing any difficulties? Contact your local purchaser.

In need of a rush order? Fill out the purchase request form. Write in the form that you need a requsition. After the form has been submitted, your purchaser will send you a completed requisition digitally.


Procurement process

The purchase request form above can be used when NTNU has an agreement or framework agreement that covers the needed items or services. On this page you will find more information about NTNU's contract catalogue and how to find current agreements. 

If NTNU does not already have a purchasing agreement that covers the order, it will be necessary to start a procurement process (in Norwegian).

To assess whether this is relevant in your case, please contact your local purchaser.

Some faculties, institutes and the Joint Administration also have their own procurement advisors who can answer questions and assist in the process.

Billing information

Sending an invoice to NTNU

NTNU's Norwegian suppliers must send invoices and credit notes in electronic format.  

We recommend that all suppliers to NTNU send their invoices to us electronically, but for suppliers outside of Norway it is possible to send invoices as PDF attachment by e-mail. 

Guidelines and ethics