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For employees

Purchasing 1-2-3

Purchasing 1-2-3

If you need to make simple purchases, such as computer equipment, office supplies, mobile telephones, food, or flowers, you must use an electronic form.

Before you purchase:

  • Ask your supervisor for approval of the purchase if you do not have the authority to make the purchasing decision on your own.
  • Which suppliers should you use?

Make a request to purchase goods or services:

Purchase request form 

Buy a PC, Mac or computer accessories

After your have sent your request:

  • Your purchase request will be registered and controlled by your purchasing representative.
  • An order will be sent to the supplier after approval by a superior.

Please inform the orderer when the goods or services is received.

Problems? Contact your purchasing representative.

More information about purchases:

Purchasing limits

Guiding principle: As much as possible, any procurement should be based on competition, predictability, transparency and verifiability.

General purchase agreements: Which suppliers can you use?

Need IT stuff? Feel free to contact  NTNU's division for IT advice.

Billing address and reimbursement

Billing address

  • E2B: NO974767880MVA
  • EHF: NO974767880
  • NTNU GLN nummer: 7080003195371
  • NTNU PEPPOL adresse: 0192: 974767880

PDF billings (billings sent as attatcments): Please send these to:

All invoices must be labeled with an order number or Cost Center.

Norwegian suppliers can not send PDF invoices after 1 October 2019.


Reimbursement of personal expenses

Guidelines and ethics