Contract catalogue and general framework agreements at NTNU

This page is for all employees and provides information about NTNU’s Contract catalogue, our general framework agreements and how to order goods or services.

Norwegian: Avtalekatalog og rammeavtaler ved NTNU

Contract catalogue

The Contract catalogue (in Norwegian) contains an overview of all framework agreements and ongoing purchase agreements at NTNU.

All employees have access to the catalogue. Use NTNU's network or use VPN to access.

»Search the Contract catalogue (in Norwegian)

You can search the catalogue using:

  • A free text search. You can use * and ? in your query. If you search for “olje”, you will get results with “oljetanker” and “oljeplattform”. If you search for Li?a you will get results with both Lisa and Liza.
  • The name of a specific agreement.
  • The name of a supplier.
  • An agreement area. There is also a list of different agreement areas in the catalogue.

Use of NTNU’s framework agreements

NTNU has several binding general framework agreements that must be used when we purchase goods or services.

When ordering something covered by an existing framework agreement, it is important to use the supplier we have an agreement with.

Some framework agreements require a competition between different suppliers before the product or service can be ordered. A competition between framework agreement suppliers is called a “mini-competition”, and at NTNU these are held by procurement advisors.

Information about the agreement in the Contract catalogue will specify when a mini-competition is required, including at what value the contract needs to be for this to apply (if relevant) and which criteria must be used in the competition.

NTNU’s framework agreements may also have other additional provisions for use. Further information about this will be available on the relevant agreement in the Contract catalogue.

It is important to note that none of NTNU’s agreements should be used for private purchases.

How to order

Often purchased goods


If you have questions regarding NTNU’s framework agreements, the Contract catalogue or the ordering process, please contact your local requisitioner or purchaser.

For other inquiries or advisement, please contact your local procurement advisor or NTNU's Procurement and Purchasing Section.

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