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Employees are entitled to a visual examination and an assessment of their need for computer glasses or corrective safety glasses.

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What are computer glasses?

There are two main types of computer glasses:

  • Computer glasses with single vision lenses.
  • Computer glasses with an office progressive lens solution.

Computer glasses have lenses that are adapted to work on a computer screen. The optician will determine which lens is the right one for you.

Who can order computer glasses?

Employees who regularly spend most of their working days in front of a computer screen are entitled to an eye examination and assessment of the need for computer glasses. This should be clarified with your supervisor.

Computer glasses that are paid for by the employer (NTNU), are the property of NTNU and should only be used for NTNU-related work.

The employer will cover the following:

If an optician determines that you require computer glasses, your unit at NTNU will cover the expenses for the lenses, fitting, and one of the standard frames included in the agreement. The optician will send the invoice to your unit.

If you prefer a different frame than what is included in the agreement, NTNU will cover NOK 225,- including VAT. You will need to pay the remaining amount yourself.

Please note: Synsam is the only supplier with a framework agreement for computer glasses at NTNU. An eye examination must be booked with Synsam if NTNU is going to cover the expense.

If the examination at the optician indicates that you need to see an eye specialist, the optician will refer you to an ophthalmologist. The deductible for an ophthalmologist consultation will be covered by your unit.

How to order computer glasses

  1. Ask your superior with authority to approve costs (budget allocation authority/BDM) for approval before ordering an eye examination.
  2. Fill out and submit the Purchase Request Form well in advance of your appointment.
  3. Schedule your eye examination at Synsam.


If there is any issue with the computer glasses, you must complain to the optician as soon as possible, and no later than 3 months after receiving the glasses. Costs associated with complaints are covered by the optician.

Help and guidelines


Also see

Previously, a separate measurement form was used to measure, among other things, the distance between you and your screen. This is now integrated into Synsam's ordering solution.

However, if you still wish to use NTNU's measurement form, you can find it here:


For questions about working environment and health, see prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, or contact the company physiotherapist, Tina Hagen at the HR and HSE department.

For questions regarding the ordering process of computer glasses, please contact the Finance Division.