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The agreement is binding and apply on travel for employees/cervice claim. NTNU har also agreement with Berg Hansen travel agency, and you should order plane tickets via this agency.

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New purchasing agreement for airline tickets in the Norwegian government

The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFØ) has entered into a new joint agreement for the purchasing of airline tickets in the government sector.

The agreement has been made with the following eight suppliers:

  • Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA
  • Widerøe
  • Air France / KLM
  • Qatar Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines

The joint agreement covers the purchasing of airline tickets, both domestically and abroad, and has been entered into per flight and cabin class (economy, premium economy and business). All in all, the agreement covers 327 flight routes and 629 associated contract areas.

The Personnel Handbook for State Employees says that the use of points earned on business trips is not permitted for private vacations or trips.

*The blocking of bonus points, cashpoints or the like applies to domestic travel. Earning bonus points is not blocked for foreign travel.

*It is still possible to take advantage of benefits you may have gained, for example gold card-benefits such as lounge, fast track, etc. The bonus number itself is still registered in the profile of many travelers, and this will ensure that the booking gets registered together with the loyalty card. The only difference is that you will no longer get "new" points when booking business trips.

*It is still possible to use already accumulated bonus points to purchase additional services, for example lounge, food on board, etc. This is done directly with the airline after completing the booking.

It is also still possible to take advantage of the benefits you have through already acquired status. For example, when the EB-number is registered in your Berg-Hansen-profile, the booking is automatically transferred to the SAS-app. If you are a gold customer through EB, for example, you will still have the same benefits as before (lounge, fast track, etc.), but you cannot earn points on domestic trips. This will most likely be time-limited, since it is unlikely that many will be able to maintain this status through international business travel.

It is however possible to add fast track for a fee as an extra service at the moment of booking in the Berg-Hansen-portal (for airports where this is offered). The same applies to checked baggage and seat reservation. With some airlines, it is also possible to add extra services through the airline's own website after completing the booking with Berg-Hansen. For example, you can enter the travel reference from Berg-Hansen along with your last name on, and then add extra services for a fee. It is also possible to purchase entrance into the lounge area, regardless of status.

Automatic discount

For each of these flight routes, the government sector will be given an automatic discount when bookings are made through the travel agency provider of a government agency or organization. The discount is deducted as a percentage based on the current ticket price, and the price shown to the individual traveler at the moment of booking is the final price after discount.

DFØ have not asked for special benefits to be applied in the agreement (such as, for example, fast-track or baggage included). This means that beyond the automatic discount, the traveler will need to follow the general ticketing rules of the individual airline.

The air contract prices negotiated by DFØ do not provide a basis for earning private bonus points, this applies to inland sections (Norway and Svalbard).

It will also not be possible to retrospectively register the points via the airlines' websites or customer service centre at the travel agency.

Goverment regulations about service travel

The state personnel manual regulates the rules on service claims. Point 9.2. Special agreement on the coverage of expenses for travel and food at home has provisions that regulate travel for employees. The airline agreement is binding and should be used as far as possible, but travel time can be considered in relation to what is the most affordable.

Ordering through Berg-Hansen

Orders through the agreement can only be made through the organization’s travel agency provider, either in the self-service portal or by phone. Please note that direct bookings with the airlines is not possible.

The airlines and flight routes that NTNU have an agreement with will be specially marked in Berg-Hansen's self-service portal.


Questions regardering the agreement, please contact the Finance division by sending us an e-mail:

Questions about the self-service solutions from Berg-Hansen, please contact them directly via e-mail:, or by calling 08050. Open from 08.00 -17.00. After 17.00 this lead to additional costs.

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