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On this page you can book hotel rooms with NTNU's partners. See also NTNU's travel page for flight bookings, credit cards, rental cars and travel tips.

Norwegian: Bestille hotellrom

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Book through Berg-Hansen

 Book a hotel room

Remember to choose a hotel from one of the hotel chains with which NTNU has purchase agreements: Nordic Choice Hotels, Thon Hotels, First Hotels, Best Western Hotels og Scandic Hotels. .The agreements are only for use in Norway.

Book directly from the hotels

  • Nordic Choice Hotels -, tlf. 22 33 42 00
  • Scandic Hotels - Even Julian Wedø Johansen,, mob. 986 93 919
  • Thon Hotels, Jogeir Fiskum,, mob. 926 97 695
  • Best Western Hotels, Ann Rita Hovden,, mob. 980 44 268
  • First Hotels,, tlf. 412 07 712

Book hotel room from abroad

Register your credit card/Eurocard in Paga (Norw. only). This way, your hotel receipts will be directly placed on your travel expense account.


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