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Here you get information about why you should use credit card, benefits of credit card and how you can order and use the credit card. Information is for both permanent and temporary staff at NTNU.

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Why you need a corporate credit card

Eurocard is a credit card with corporate liability, for both permanent and temporary staff at NTNU. The card is used for work-related expenses, like travelling and representing.

  • With corporate responsibility, you do not have to mix private finance with expences for the NTNU.
  • EuroCard is well known in many countries
  • Free for all NTNU employees
  • No more need for prepayment
  • Less direct invoices to NTNU
  • Travel insurance and cancellation insurance
  • You will easily get access you travel expenses directly in travel expences claim. You still need to download receipts. But all the information about payment during the travel will come automatically.
  • You dont need to pay your own money for fly tickets before the travel - you can book tickets in advance with credit card
  • Credit limit 50.000. This amount can be changed - contact

Eurocard corporate credit card:

Eurocard privatecard at a lower price (ordinary price kr. 645,-)

Eurocard privatecard here

Debt Information Act and debt register
This will not apply to Eurocard Corporate Gold, which is a company card issued to the employee of NTNU.

Order credit card

You apply for credit card by yourself at EuroCard website.

The application will go automatically to Service center for approvement, and then will be submitted to kredit card company.

  • The invoice will be sent dictated to your home address and there will be no possibility of partial payment.In the case of reminder, 2nd-time reminder will also be sent to the nearest leader for follow-up.NTNU as an employer covers interest rates if NTNU has been late with payment when the employee has delivered his travel bill on time.Otherwise, cardholder will be charged.

Eurocard corporate credit card:

Credit card questions and help\\Send mail to:

Register the card number in Berg-Hansen

You get travel insurance when you register your credit card number at Berg-Hansen.
Login to Berg-Hansen. Then choose Profile. Then choose Credit Cards and fill in your credit card information.

Register the credit card in HR-portalen

To get access easily all your expenses in travel expenses claim you need to register your card in Berg-Hansen and in HR-portalen (PAGA). You still need to download all the receipts from your travel.

Book now and pay later

You will not be charged for your airfare until after your travel, even if you book your tickets well in advance. This agreement is called Book now – pay later (Norwegian only). You will be charged a fee that you can include in your travel expense account for refund. This way, you can purchase cheap tickets that are available early.

Travel insurance

If you use your credit card for the main part of your journey and use public transportation, you will get a Travel Insurance (Norwegian) from the credit card company. It means also that your department don`t need to refund if loss or an accident occurs.

There are special insurance regulations for foreign employees!


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