Purchasing translation services and proofreading

NTNU has a framework agreement for the purchase of translation services and proofreading.

In Norwegian: Kjøp av oversettelsestjenester og språkvask

The agreement has been entered into with Semantix Translations Norway AS and must be used by employees at NTNU when there is a need to purchase translation or proofreading services.

Please note that this agreement applies to orders from NTNU employees, and not students. The exception is when NTNU orders translation services or proofreading on behalf of students, with NTNU as the invoice recipient.

Placing your order

For translation services, the invoiced cost to NTNU will be based on the number of words included in the assignment. For proofreading, an hourly rate applies.

The prices are available in NTNUs ordering system and can be provided by your local requisitioner or purchaser.

Any orders should be placed using the purchase request form on

Important information when you order proofreading services

When requesting proofreading, it is important to inform Semantix about:

  • Where the text will be published.
    • Specify the desired language variant (e.g., British or American English) and attach any relevant guidelines.
    • Provide information about the recipient and how this will affect the desired language level/style.
  • Would you like Semantix to review the reference list as well?
  • Is there any reference material or special instructions that must be followed?
  • Is there anything specific you would like Semantix to focus on during the proofreading?

Scope of the proofreading service

During proofreading, the supplier will review the content and ensure its clarity and coherence. The proofreader will address issues such as complex phrasing and structures, inconsistencies, ambiguities, and repetitions. They will provide suggestions to optimize the text for the recipient.

Proofreading also includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation corrections.

Semantix does not use "copy editing" to describe its proofreading services, as this term might be confused with the work an editor does for a journal to tailor the text to its specific requirements. Proofreaders can't add or take away text or change content, but they will work together on language details with the subject expert who's in charge of the content and terms.

Frequently asked questions

As an NTNU employee, do I have to use this framework agreement for all translation and proofreading orders?


Departing from framework agreements is only possible in certain exceptional cases, when the supplier(s) we have an agreement with are not able to provide what we need.

If this applies to you, you must report this through the procurement survey form in NTNU Help (in Norwegian). The request will then be processed by a procurement advisor in the Financial Division.

What happens after I submit the procurement survey form?

If your need has been evaluated as an exceptional case, your request must be publicly announced in the open, Norwegian market as a distinct competition.

This is because when NTNU spends more than NOK 100,000 in total each year on a product or service, we have to follow the rules for public procurement. Buying directly from suppliers is not allowed.

A procurement advisor will contact you as soon as possible after the form is submitted for any clarifications or information about the process moving forward.

If I'm not happy with Semantix's service, can I go back to using previous partners for translation and proofreading?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly approach a specific supplier.

If you would like an assessment of the possibility of purchasing translation services or proofreading from a different supplier, we request that you complete and submit the procurement survey form.

A procurement advisor in the Financial Division will then evaluate based on the information received and will contact you as soon as possible.


In need of a rush order? If there is a need for dialogue with the supplier before placing an order, please contact Heidi Ødegård at Semantix Translations Norway AS by phone: 404 01 243, or email:

For other questions about this agreement, please contact the Financial Division.