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Norsk versjon - Bestille mobiltelefon

Your manager determines if you can have your expenses covered for mobile phone purchases, subscriptions, tablets and broadband connections. Coverage of mobile and broadband services at NTNU.

Order mobile phone or tablet

Before you order

  • Get aproval from your supervisor to purchase mobil phone or tablet.
  • View selection at Dustin catalog. Find your preferred item, provide description and item number in NTNU help purchaseform.

Order with NTNU Help

 Order mobile phone

Type which mobile you want or provide the url from the website.

After you have registered your order

  • The form is sent to the purchaser who quality assures and registers the order.
  • The purchase order is sent to the supplier after it has been approved.

Repairs and service


Techstep provides a 36-month warranty on all mobiles and tablets purchased from them.


If your mobile phone gets broken or is not working correctly, you should contact Conmodo.
After the warranty expires, there will be costs for service or repair.

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