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Building services

For employees (go to page for students)

Custodial services - Problems, get help, operational issues

Report a problem in your building

Contact e-vaktmester   Check status 

Everything you need to know about custodial services

What kinds of jobs does Custodial Services undertake? They can:

  • Change lightbulbs
  • Hang up pictures, install shelving
  • Small repairs (doors, dripping faucets, worn out flooring, radiators)
  • Replenish toilet paper or soap in the bathrooms
  • Thermostat issues -- too hot or too cold
  • Snow removal
  • Cleanup outside
  • Clean inside

Questions about janitorial services

Questions about cleaning (daily, periodic, or complete cleaning) can be directed to the custodian in your building.

The reporting system can also be used to request janitorial services.

Building contacts - Outside of normal work hours

Custodial staff

During work hours:

Telephone and e-mail – custodial staff

Outside of normal work hours:

Contact the duty officers at campus for assistance


Cleaning services

Cleaning services

Questions regarding cleaning services (daily, periodically, main cleaning) may be directed to the builing janitor.

You may also register your request in the reporting system.

Building services - Rubbish and recycling

Rubbish and recycling

Outside of the normal rubbish sorting that should be done in all workplaces, you should contact Building Services regarding these items:

Contact information for other rubbish sorting
What Contact
Cardboard for recycling Maintenance staff in your building
A great deal of rubbish Maintenance staff in your building
Hazardous waste Norsk gjenvinning
Furniture or inventory that can be reused Register furniture/inventory

Building services - Transport and moving

Transport and moving

Contact information for transport and moving
What Contact
Furniture, computer equipment, papers, etc. Transport Central
Books between library branches Library routes, NTNU University Libraries
Goods from NTNU Grafisk senter NTNU Grafisk senter (in Norwegian)

Transport Central on the NTNU map