University Chaplain

The University Chaplains are there for you if you need someone to talk to.

Norsk versjon - Studentprest

When life gets too big or too small it might be nice having someone to talk to.

Times when life might become a bit too big

  • Too many thoughts on your mind
  • Too high expectations from yourself and others
  • Too many people in too large auditoriums

Times when life might become a bit too small

  • Surrounded with too few people to share your time and thoughts with
  • A bit to narrow confines about life and your wishes.
  • Not enough space to talk about life´s big questions

The University Chaplains offers conversations to everyone regardless of their faith and/or belief. The The University Chaplains works to maintain confidentiality and the service is free of charge. The University Chaplains are employed by The Church of Norway, but offer services to all students at NTNU.

NTNU in Gjøvik

Anne Anker Bolstad has an office in G109, right by the bookshop in Building G. She has office days at Gjøvik on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Anne Anker Bolstad

Contact University Chaplain Anne Anker Bolstad.

NTNU in Trondheim

The university chaplains in Trondheim have their own website where you will find the latest news from the university chaplains:

NTNU in Ålesund

Student pastor Joachim Haaland is on Campus in Ålesund every Thursday.

You can find him on K 131 in Kompasset. He shares an office with the health nurses, who use the space on Wednesdays.

Feel free to contact Joachim by phone to set up an hour, or just drop by.


  • Phonenumber: 90 99 48 99
  • E-mail: 

Edited 27.08.2020