Student Humanist

Need someone to talk to? NTNU's student humanist welcomes students in Trondheim who need to talk to her office at Dragvoll or in Trondheim city.

Norwegian version: Studenthumanist

Emma Skjølberg, NTNU's student humanist, in a conversation with a woman at her office.Photo.

The offer is open to all students regardless of outlook on life. The student humanist has a duty of confidentiality.

The student humanist is available at campus Dragvoll, or in the city, at the address Olav Tryggvasons gate 27.

Book an appointment with the student humanist

Book an appointment with the student humanist

Use the form at the bottom of the page. Insert your name, e-mail ,telephone number and choose the location that best suits you.

The student humanist is affiliated to the Norwegian Humanist Association.

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