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HSE for students

For students (see this page for employees)

HSE for students -- Potentially risky work

Hazardous work

If you are a student who is going to work in a laboratory or a workshop, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with NTNU's HSE regulations. Your faculty or department should be able to supply you with a copy.

More information if you work with:

Rooms and wastes

HSE for students

Especially for:

Students at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences:

Defrosting of cryo tubes (PDF) (in Norwegian)


HSE for students

Report a problem

  • Damage or harm to people, the environment, a building or materials
  • A dangerous situation or a near-accident
  • Violence and/or threats
  • Violations of regulations
  • Recommendations for improvements related to health, safety and the environment

More about reporting problems and discrepancies

Student insurance

Overview of applicable insurance plans for students   (in Norwegian)

If you are required to work in a potentially hazardous work environment, you have the same rights and responsibilities as an NTNU employee. The university and university college laws apply to all other situations.

Students' work environment -- rights and obligations   (in Norwegian)

Pregnant students

Pregnant students who must work in potentially risky environments have the same rights and duties as employees. In other situations, the Regulations governing Universities and University Colleges (Universitets- og høyskoleloven) apply.

Forms and guidelines

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