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Report injuries,dangerous situations,violations - or tell us how to improve health, safety and environment (HSE) at NTNU.

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Problems and discrepancies 

  • Damage/harm to humans, the environment, buildings or property
  • Hazardous situations or near-accidents
  • Violence and threats
  • Violations of routines, procedures or legislation
  • You can also tell us how to improve health, safety and environment (HSE) at NTNU 

Report an incident/discrepancy

Log in to the incident reporting system 

  • Click here to log in
  • If this is your first time using the incident reporting system, you have to register yourself in the system.

When you are logged in to the incident reporting system

  • Select "Health" safety and environment (HSE).
  • For more information, click on  the ">" sign.
  • Click on "Report".

When you press the "Report" button you'll come to the registration form:

  • Incident title: Enter a short description
  • Incident reported to this unit: Your unit will automatically be the receiver of the incident.
  • Incident area: HSE is standard.
  • Incident date: Enter the date the incident occurred
  • Place: Enter the location of the incident
  • Incident categories: Select one or more categories.

  • Fire / Incipient fire - potential fire, false fire alarms and deviations in connection with evacuation.
  • Buildings / Technical equipment / Materials - injuries or near damage to equipment, objects, buildings or other material. Failure in the system for ventilation, electricity or water.
  • Suggestion for improvement - proposals that can contribute to protecting people, environment and equipment at NTNU.
  • Physical security - failure protection system in relation to access control, entry and lock-out, labeling and the like. Lack of response from the security company. False alarms (not fire).Gas - gas leaks, Near emissions and gas alarms.
  • Personal injury - deviations that have led to or could lead to injury.
  • Guidelines / HSE requirements - violations of legislation, regulations, procedures, policies and routines, or missing / inadequate procedures and training.
  • Harmful emissions to the environment - Harmful emissions of chemicals, gas, dust, etc. to soil, air or water. Actual emissions and near spills. Radiation and danger of radiation.
  • Violence and threats
  • Unnecessary alarm 

First time user of the NTNU problem reporting system

The first time you enter the system you have to confirm the registered information about yourself. You will initially see a page with content written in Norwegian. To display the English version, choose "Engelsk" from the list under the option named «Språk». Then click the button "Fortsett" to continue.

Select unit

If your unit didn't appear automatically, press "Select unit" and find your unit, then press "OK".


Telephone: 735 (91500).


Approved by Director of HSE - December 7th 2012 - HMSR54E - ePhorte 2013/11285