Courses and groups for students with special needs

Courses and groups that NTNU offers to students with special needs. Our courses and groups mainly take place in Trondheim, but they can be held in Gjøvik and Ålesund on request. These courses are for time being held in Nowegian. 

Norsk versjon - Tilrettelegging - kurs og grupper 

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Information meeting for students with dyslexia

At this information meeting you will learn what you need to know when having reading and writing difficulties. 

  • Application for special examination arrangements
  • Investigation of dyslexia
  • Courses offered
  • How to apply for reading and support programs (Lingdys/Lingpilot)
  • Syllabus in audio format
  • Lånekassen 

Course in coping strategies for students with dyslexia

This time will Dysleksi Norge give a webinar which will give the participants the possibility to learn how to use different devices and apps together with the studies. 

Courses in Lingdys and Lingpilot

Every semester, we engage a Lingit training professional to hold courses in using the reading and writing support tools Lingdys (PC) and Lingpilot (Mac).

Course in coping strategies for students with ADHD - Pegasus

The Pegasus course is intended for students with ADHD. During 5 weeks there will be 5 evenings each lasting about 2,5 hours. It is suitable for students with ADHD that wishes to do something with his/hers situation. 

The purpose is to learn more about ADHD and how its afetcts you. Get acquainted with your possibilities and get to know others in the same situation. 

Are you interested, please, send us an email to  

Mentor training

If you have been appointed as a mentor, this course is for you. You can learn about different aspects of the job, definitions of roles and useful tips for helping students with mental and physical health challenges. You can also discuss relevant cases with other student mentors.

When you have signed an employment contract with us, you will be invited to a course for mentors. 

Asperger group

Students with Asperger’s syndrome may experience challenges to varying degrees in student life. The Asperger group meets every fourteen days as a forum where students can relax and share experiences, sorrows and joys. We arrange light refreshments. The group provides an opportunity to meet others who are in the same situation. Contact Kari Voldhagen for further information.