Travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers good advice for international travellers. Norsk versjon - Reiseråd fra Utenriksdepartementet

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Tell the Ministry where you are going

If you are a Norwegian citizen and are travelling abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants you to register your whereabouts on their web site -- but this also holds true for permanent residents who are not Norwegian citizens. If you register your travel, the Ministry will have an easier time getting in touch with you if something should happen where you are.

Register your travel at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (in Norwegian)

Risky destinations

The Ministry keeps tabs on ongoing risky situations in different countries. The Ministry may recommend against travel to certain parts of the world due to war, natural catastrophes or other reasons. You can read more about this on the Ministry's list of risky destinations (in Norwegian). The US State Department also maintains an up-to-date searchable website on traveller risks, mainly designed for an American audience, but with useful information for all travellers nevertheless.

Local customs

Learn more about local customs and etiquette in the country where you're headed (in Norwegian). This page contains information about safety, entry requirements, potential medical issues, natural catastrophes, practical tips, politics, the economy and diplomatic ties and relations. You can find similar information on the US State Department website listed above.

If you need help

What to do if you need help with... (in Norwegian).