Students and employees may need to be vaccinated in conjunction with international travel and specific work situations. Vaccination is applicable for some trips abroad, research stays abroad, and if you work with human material, live animals, soil or wastewater.

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International travel, reasearch stays abroad and studies

You should check well in advance if you must be vaccinated to travel to or through specific countries. You can find a list of countries and associated vaccination requirements on this vaccine map, or at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Some countries and institutions require you to document that you have taken certain vaccines. If traveling with accompanying family/children, one must be extra careful as schools or kindergartens may require documentation or require vaccinations prior to enrolment. You can print your vaccination card in Norwegian and English at (in Norwegian).

You can be vaccinated at the following locations:

Work with risk of infection

There may be specific vaccination requirements that are associated with your job responsibilities, particularly if your work exposes you to:

  • Human tissue that might risk your infection with Hepatitis B: you will need a vaccine for Hepatitis B
  • Live animals and/or soil: you will need a vaccine for tetanus.
  • Wastewater and/or sewage: you will need a vaccine for diptheria, tetanus, polio and Hepatitis A (Hepatitis B).

A risk assessment of the workplace is necessary to decide who should be vaccinated. Contact the Occupational Health Service to get an appointment for vaccination and a targeted health check. You will need to fill out a vaccination form and bring it with you when you are vaccinated. You should also bring your vaccination card if you have one, or print a list of your vaccinations from Mine vaksiner on the Institute of Public Health web page (In Norwegian).

  • Medical examination
  • About vaccinations - The Vaccinations service ("Vaksiner") enables you to check the vaccination status of both yourself and your children under the age of 16. You can also print out a vaccination card in Norwegian and English (
  • Vaccination map - (FHI)
  • Vaccination form - Fill out and take it with you when you are vaccinated.



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