Apply for a visa and residence permit well in advance of departure. Contact the country's embassy in Norway for information on how to apply for a visa.

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Visa exemptions

Norwegian citizens have a visa exemption in some countries. Check UDs list (in Norwegian) of the countries for which this applies. UD recommends that you apply for a visa at the earliest 3 months before departure 

Visas in Europe

As an EEA citizen you do not need a visa for travel to most countries in Europe, with some exceptions. Check UDs countries overview (in Norwegian).

Residence permit in Europe

EU/EEA citizens who work in another EU/EEA country for more than 90 days must register with local authorities. Spouse/accompanying partner including children must be registered separately.

Citizens outside the EU/EEA must check the regulations, procedures and requirements for residence permits which can vary according to nationality.

Bring your passport! It is your only valid proof of identity abroad.

Visas for the United States

If your stay in the United States is less than 90 days and you are a citizen of a qualified country, you can enter the United States without a visa. Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

US authorities then require that you have a valid biometric passport, VWP travellers must apply for approval through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization- ESTA.

The response time for the application can be up to 72 hours. If you get rejected, you must apply for a visa.

Please note that ESTA may impose certain restrictions on you especially if you are going to stay / have a research stay at a US educational institution even if your stay lasts for less than 90 days. Consult with the educational institution you are going to visit about which visa they recommend you apply for.

If you want to stay longer than 90 days, you must apply for a visa. Researchers apply for a J-1 visa. The US Embassy in Oslo strongly recommends travellers to read all about the visa arrangement on the Embassy's website.

The processing time for J1 visas can take up to 6 months. In order to be granted a J1 visa, you need, among other things, confirmation of health rights / health insurance. For employees who are compulsory members of the National Insurance Scheme, HELFO can issue letters confirming that the employee has health rights while staying abroad. Read more about National Insurance and insurance for foreign stays.

Register your journey at UD

The Foreign Office (UD) advises all Norwegians to register when travelling abroad, in order to more easily reach you in crisis situations. Register your trip on the UDs website (in Norwegian).

Work in Scandinavia

If you are a national of a Nordic country, you travel freely across national borders. Yet there are some factors that you as an employee in the Nordic countries should watch out for.

The website gives you an overview of the current regulations in the Nordic countries: Denmark, Sweeden, Finland, Iceland, Åland, Faroe Islands, Greenland.

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