Travel guidelines

These guidelines are created to coordinate the purchase of travel services, increase the savings capability and cost awareness of NTNU employees, and contribute to the reduction of our overall carbon footprint.

Norsk versjon: Retningslinje for reise

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NTNU follows the government's travel regulations (in Norwegian).

Do you really need to travel?

All travel activity at NTNU must be done with environmental considerations. Both employees and leaders have a responsibility to ensure that travel is assessed and planned in accordance with the guidelines for environmentally responsible travels. For example:

  • Before going on a trip, consider whether it is necessary or strategically important. Can the trip be replaced by digital alternatives?
  • In a comprehensive assessment, environmental considerations, finances, use of time, and professional benefit should be taken into account. Environmental considerations should be given significant weight.
    • The same comprehensive assessment should be done when inviting guest lecturers, examiners, external researchers, and other guests.
  • For the sake of the environment, please evaluate your travel options.
  • Digital meetings should be prioritized when NTNU is the leader of national committees, councils or the like. If we are members, we should suggest that at least half of the meetings be held digitally.
  • Are you planning an internal trip or seminar? The destination should be located on or near campus, and you should avoid going somewhere that would require air travel. Please also remember to facilitate digital participation for employees with different work locations.
  • If walking or cycling is not an option for local travel, please use public transportation or NTNUs electric cars for official trips.

Please see the guideline for more examples.

Use NTNU's suppliers

All business-related travels should be arranged through NTNU's travel agency, Berg-Hansen. The travel agreements we have entered into are binding to use, and it is not possible to book trips through other suppliers.

The agreements are made to obtain the lowest possible total price. Therefore, it's important to use the travel suppliers NTNU have agreements with. This way, you save money, secure your rights, and have access to assistance should anything go wrong

Bonus points

The flight- and hotel agreements negotiated by The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFØ) do not provide a basis for earning private bonus points. This applies to domestic flights (Norway and Svalbard).

For further information on this, please see the page Airfare and travel.

If an employee has accrued bonus points on business trips, they cannot use them for personal purposes. This means that it is not allowed to use bonus points earned on business trips for private travels or experiences (such as hotel stays, purchases, or the like).

Private use of NTNU's agreements

NTNU's framework agreements with suppliers of goods and services should not be used for private purposes. This also applies to employees' family and friends if the benefit arises from the employment relationship with NTNU.

Employees can use Berg-Hansen's portal when booking private travels, but if they do so it's important that they use the private section of the portal (select "Private reiser"). Employees can only use NTNU's negotiated rates for work-related business trips.


All hotel accommodations in Norway must be booked through Berg-Hansen. This is the only way for NTNU-employees to book hotel rooms at the agreed-upon price.

The joint government agreement for hotel accommodation does not apply in other countries. You are therefore free to choose which hotel to stay at outside of Norway, but we recommend that you still book your accommodation through Berg-Hansen.

Due to government regulations, various rental companies cannot be accepted as accommodation, neither domestically nor abroad.

If you need to book an accessible room, please contact Berg-Hansen directly for your reservation.

Hotel bills are covered by the employee through their credit card.

Air travel

All flights, both domestic and international, must be booked through Berg-Hansen.

Our negotiated rates will only be available through Berg-Hansen's travel portal.

Always choose the most economical option. In some cases, you may purchase tickets that can be changed if you need to change the return time for business reasons. Please specify the reason for this on the travel expense claim.

For particularly complex travel situations, please contact Berg-Hansen for assistance.

You can see the list of NTNU's contracted partners for flights on this page: Airfare and travel

Car rental

Use NTNU's agreement for car rental. Car rentals should, to the greatest extent possible, be booked through Berg-Hansen's travel portal.

Rental cars should be paid for using your personal credit card.

Travel and accommodation costs can only be paid for by NTNU

When suppliers and other businesses offer visits to private companies, trips to exhibitions and the like, it is required that NTNU cover your expenses for travel and accommodations.

Relevant rules and regulations

The government's travel regulations (in Norwegian) provide details about travel agreements within the country and abroad, along with the approved rates for travel.

Also see


For inquiries regarding NTNU's travel agreements, please contact the Financial divison.

If you have questions about travel expense claims or the government's travel regulations, please use the following contact points for the Service Center for Payroll and HR.


Berg-Hansen's online portal | Email:

Phone: 08050, or +47 22 00 80 50 from abroad. Ordering through this service during regular business hours (08:00-17:00) will incur a fee.

Berg-Hansen can be contacted 24/7, but please be aware that there will be additional charges for bookings or changes to travel arrangements outside of normal business hours.