Travel guidelines

These guidelines are designed to coordinate the purchase of travel services and cut NTNU employee travel costs.

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Bonus points

Employees may not privately use bonus points or other similar benefits earned through work travel.

Use NTNU's suppliers

All travel should be arranged through Berg-Hansen travel agency Trondheim, who is a binding agreement. Do not make travel arrangements through other suppliers because the travel agreement has been crafted to make certain that the price that NTNU pays is the most cost effective available. You'll save money and you'll also protect your rights and access to help if something should go wrong.

Private use of travel agreements

The agreements that NTNU has reached with different suppliers are not to be used for private purposes. This also applies to the employee's family or friends if the supplier benefit is related to being an NTNU employee.

The air contract prices negotiated by DFØ do not provide a basis for earning private bonus points, this applies to inland sections (Norway and Svalbard).

It will also not be possible to retrospectively register the points via the airlines' websites or customer service centre at the travel agency.

Choose the cheapest travel option

You should travel in the cheapest manner possible, but not if it makes your journey unreasonably long. If you don't manage to plan and arrange your journey through Berg-Hansen's net-based travel portal, you should contact the travel company by phone for guidance on your trip and prices.


Use NTNU's hotel agreements. Hotel reservations should be to the greatest extent made via the travel portal. If you do not find good alternatives vial the travel portal, contact Berg-Hansen, which has its own hotel agreements. The hotel reservation should be put on your personal credit card for later refund.

Air travel in Norway

Use NTNU's airfare agreement. Make your plane reservations from Berg-Hansen's travel portal and make sure to always choose the cheapest alternative. In some circumstances you can buy plane tickets with flexible return travel dates, which you might need as a result of the demands of your job. Make certain to include the reason for the flexible return date in your travel expense form.

The same requirements hold if you have to change or purchase a new cheap plane ticket. If it is not possible to change your ticket, buy a new ticket at the cheapest price possible.

Attach the receipts for both tickets along with an explanation of the reasons for the purchase on your travel expense form.

In the case of complicated travel circumstances, contact Berg-Hansen (contact information below) for help.

Air travel abroad

Use NTNU's airfare purchase agreement. Plane travel to international destinations can be booked through the Berg-Hansen travel portal. For most travel destinations outside of Norway, you should get help from a travel agent at Berg-Hansen. Overall, the same rules apply to international travel as for travel in Norway.

Rental cars

Use the NTNU rental cars purchase agreement. Rental cars should be reserved to the greatest extent possible through the Berg-Hansen travel portal, with the kind of car suited to your needs. Rental cars should be paid for using your personal credit card.

Do you really have to travel?

One good alternative to physical travel is to conduct your meeting by videoconference (Skype, Google hangout, Facebook chat, etc). These alternative meeting methods save time and money, and they are good for the environment.

Travel and accommodation costs can only be paid for by NTNU

When suppliers and companies offer visits to private companies, travel to exhibitions and so forth, it is required that NTNU cover your expense for travel and accommodations.

Laws governing travel in Norway (all in Norwegian):

Laws governing travel outside of Norway (all in Norwegian):


Special agreement for fieldwork for NTNU employees.


Berg-Hansens webgate | | Phone: 08050 or +47 22 00 80 50 from abroad | Open from 08.00 -17.00. After 17.00 this lead to additional costs.

Employees may not privately use bonus points or other similar benefits earned through missionary leave.