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Information about the Service Center for Payroll and HR.

Do you have questions about holiday pay? Go to info on Innsida

Do you have questions about holiday pay? Go to this FAQ

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  1. Support in NTNU Hjelp
  2. Support by phone
  3. E-mail
  4. Services for employees
  5. The status of your inquiry in NTNU Hjelp
  6. Services for leaders


Send us an inquiry using NTNU Hjelp

To submit a case in NTNU help, you must have a Feide user from NTNU. Contractors and other non-employees can contact us by telephone and e-mail.

If you use the correct category, you will get help faster:

 Travel expenses  Working hours  Salary  Employee relationship  Absence due to illness  Holiday leave  Parental leave  Leave of absence  Stipend  Feedback

If your inquiry doesn't fit into these categories, use our form for general inquiries, or send us an e-mail.

The status of your inquiry in NTNU Hjelp

  • Processing/"Registrert": Automatic status when you submit a ticket in NTNU Hjelp.
  • Processing/"Tildelt": The case is assigned to an operator, but not necessarily commenced.
  • Processing/ "I arbeid": Our operator has begun working on the case.
  • On hold/"Venter på bruker": Our operator is waiting for your response. It will aitomatically be changed to "fullført" (completed) after ten days. The service center will not use this status during the summer months. 
  • On hold: Our operator has to wait for something in order to continue.
  • Processing/"Oppdatert av bruker"": Set automatically when you reply.
  • Closed/"Fullført": The case has been processed (resolved or answered).
  • Closed/"Lukket": Completed. The case is closed automatically after ten days as "Completed" or if you close it.
  • Processing: "Gjenåpnet av bruker": Automatic status if you open a closed case.



Our phone line at (+47) 73 41 31 40 is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.

Have your employee number ready when you call us

This makes it faster to find the right person in the payroll system. You can find your employee number by opening "User profile" in the Self Service Portal. The number is to the right of your name (in the DFØ app you'll find it under "Personal data"). 


Paper mail can be sent to the service center through NTNU's postal services, or to the HR and HSE department's adress.

Services for employees

The service center operates and counsels NTNU employees on the topics of:

Which forms go directly to your manager and which go via the service center?

If you have questions about laws and regulations in these areas or need advice and guidance, you can contact the service center.

Help to leaders

The service center also provides management support within the areas mentioned above. The service center can also assist on other matters, such as changing working contracts.