Reimbursement of personal expenses

This form should be used for minor personal expenses, like books, computer cables or food for a meeting, only if you cannot use the NTNU ordering form.

Videoguide of reimbursement of personal expenses (Youtube)

Norsk versjon - Refusjon av personlige utlegg

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Reimbursment form

You find the reimbursment claim in the HR-portalenin the section called Min mappe. Choose Nytt skjema and then Refusjon av utlegg.

If the form does not appear check whether it is due to the web browser or a blocked pop up.

  • On the first page of reimbursment form gå straight to Legg til if the expense should be paid by your department (your "kostnadssted").
  • If the expense should be paid by a different department/"kostnadssted" or you have expenses from a project, click Fyll inn prosjektnummer/analysekode reisen skal belastes her and fill in the necessary information. Do not fill in art.

NB! Remember that you need to save the form to be able to download the receipts! You save the form after you registered all your Utlegg

Reimbursment first page

Legg til

Under the Legg til section you shoud fill in the date, type of Utlegg, the sum in NOK and description. When you choose the type of Utlegg, you automatically get a notification if you nee to upload the receipt or not.



Remember to save the whole form if you need to download the receipt. You can download it either at the same place you choose the type of Utlegg, or at the last page of the form.

All the receipts should be uploaded electronically, as a picture or document. Take the picture of your receipts with your phone.

The form presents a summary of the expenses you have registered. Register more expenses or click Neste. And then choose send to Variabel lønn.


Reimbursement for non-employees

Use the digital form for reimbursement of payment / payment without invoice. The form applies to both domestic and foreign use for non-employees at NTNU and can be used for reimbursement of expenses such as fees, scholarships, travel fees for students in first degree, grants and prizes.

Attach the electronic receipts to the form as pdf-documents.

The form can not be used to cover travel expenses for employees. See information about travel expenses claim for non-employees.

Do not use the form for these expenses


Payouts are made twice a month, around the 12th and 25th.

Help and contact

Do you have questions or need help? Contact the service center:

 NTNU Hjelp

Reimbursement for non-employees: Contact your orderer