Reimbursement of personal expenses

This form should be used for minor personal expenses, like books, computer cables or food for a meeting, only if you cannot use NTNU's purchase request form.

Norsk: Refusjon av personlige utlegg

Send your reimbursement claim

From 1 January 2023 you submit your claims through the Self-service portal. The HR-portal is now closed.

 Log in to the Self-Service portal

open the tab Travel and Register expense reimbursements

or download the DFØ app (

Instructions: Registrer your reimbursement claim (

The form should not be used for reimbursement of travel expenses. You enter this in the travel expense claim.

Reimbursement for non-employees

If you are not employed at NTNU, but need to cover expenses, you use the Betalmeg solution.

Note that from 2023 costs are registered differently

When you fill out an reimbursement form in the Self-Service Portal/DFØ app, the cost will automatically follow your employment. If the cost is to be entered on a specific project or a department other than the one associated with your employment, you must provide additional information.

Project: To put the expense on a specific project, you must type in the field that is named Work Order (K7). Here you need to fill in "delprosjekt" (replacing the previous "analyse"). In the Self-service portal in your browser, you find this field in the Reimbursement form's step 1 Purpose "Cost allocation". The field is searchable. By typing either the name of the subproject or the first digits, you get a list of selectable subprojects. In the app, go to Expenses in the Expense reimbursement form and press "Cost allocation".

If the cost is not going to a specific project, you do not need to make changes to the field "Work order (K7)", the value "Generelle driftskostnader" (default value) should be in the field.

Cost centre "koststed": If the cost is going to a department other than the one associated with your employment, you can write in the "Cost centre" field. The field can be found in the same location as "Work Order (K7)", described above.

Ask your local controller if you need the number for an internal project or your prosjektøkonom, if you need the number for an external project. If you don't know who your local controller/prosjektøkonomi is, ask your nearest supervisor.


Refunds are paid several times per month. See payout dates.

The following can be refunded by agreement with your manager:

  • Newspaper (only after signed elkom agreement).
  • Broadband (only after entering into an elkom agreement).
  • Use of telephone in a work context (only after entering into an elkom agreement).
  • Books that cannot be ordered via the needs form.
  • Courses and conference fees.
  • Subscription.
  • Other orders that cannot go through the booking system.
  • For an elaboration of other orders, please contact your local purchaser.

Help and contact

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