Postal services at NTNU

NTNUs postal service collects and brings mail to all university buildings in Trondheim.

NTNU use Norsk Bibliotektransport for shipping of all consignments, letters, packages and express freight.
All employees should only relate to NTNU's postal service and their routines, as described below.

Norsk versjon: Post

Outgoing mail

All shipments sent from NTNU must be marked with NTNU or be in envelopes with the NTNU logo.
If it is desired to track the shipment, write this as a message (Post-it) on the letter / package. Please include your email address.
For package mail, the recipient's phone number, the value of the shipment and what the package contains is required information. Please attach a proforma invoice.

Express freight (all packages/letters)

Express delivery (arrival next day) must be marked with "express" (Post-it) and placed in the mailbox. If it is desired to track the package, you must write your email address to the same Post-it.
If the package or letter is not ready when the postal service collects mail, place an order in the e-vaktmester (Choose service category "Transport/Post") before 13:00 and the postal service will pick up your shipment the same day.

For pickup of larger goods, place an order in the e-vaktmester (Choose service category "Transport/Post")

Shipments of biological material using dry ice

NTNU has no agreement on shipments using dry ice, so it is possible to choose the carrier that best fits the mission.
Experienced and good carriers can be DHL or World Courier. Such transportation is ordered directly by the faculties or departments.

Internal mail

Internal mail must be marked with recipient name, department / institute and street address. Internal envelopes or other packaging can be used. The consignment must be marked with "internal mail" clearly visible.

NTNU Postal Service delivers to fixed points in the buildings (post office / mailboxes) and not directly in the office.

Pickup and delivery of mail

  • There are daily fixed routes to all NTNU campuses in Trondheim.
  • The mail is delivered daily to NINA and St. Olavs hospital.
  • Post to Studentersamfundet is delivered once a week.
  • SINTEF pickup their mail at the terminal.

Postal adresses NTNU

PO box 8900, Torgarden
7491 Trondheim

NTNUs postal service sends mail to NTNU in Gjøvik and Ålesund using Norsk bibliotektransport.

Use the following addresses:

NTNU in Gjøvik
PO box 191
2802 Gjøvik

NTNU in Ålesund
PO box 1517
6025 Ålesund

Private mail

NTNU's postal service is happy to handle private mail for employees and students, but shipping charges/stamps must be arranged in advance by the sender.

Internal Transportation

Register your transport needs here (Choose service category "Transport")

Secure email

On this page you will find information on how you as an employee at NTNU can sign and encrypt your e-mail.


Transportsentralen has the day-to day opertation of the postal services at NTNU:

S.P. Andersens vei 11, 7031 Trondheim | phone +47 73 59 54 03

Norsk Bibliotektransport | phone +47 23 14 03 25