Register working hours

Administrative, technical and employees on hourly pay, register work hours in the he Self-Service Portal or DFØ app. Your time balance is update the night after your registration.

Norsk: Registrere arbeidstid

Working hours -(regulations) | Time codes in the Self-service portal | Overtime | Flexible working hours

Open time registration

buttonLog in to the Self-service portal - Choose English in the upper right corner

Go to tab Time and Register working hours (hourly employees via "My contracts")

or Download the app (DFØ)

How to register working hours

You "punch in" when you start the workday, and out when you finish. You may also register time after your workday. Note that when you punch in, you are automatically registered as if your punched out after a minute. You will overwrite this when you register the time your workday actually ended.

What do the options in the Self-service portal mean? Go to Time codes in the Self-service portal

How to:

Did you forget to register time?

Employees paid by the hour (student assistants etc.)

Be aware that employees on hourly contracts don't register time via the "Time"-tile in the Self-service portal. Go through "My contracts" for time sheets.

Timesheets for employees on time-limited hourly contracts (DFØ)

For hourly paid employees who register supplements to their salary.

  • Hourly employees must sign an hourly contract in order to register hours.
  • You register time via the tile "My contracts", not "Time".
  • In addition, hourly paid employees must remember to submit a timesheet at the end of the month. Go to Payment schedule for salaries and refunds for deadlines. Only one timesheet can be submitted per month per contract.
  • If you work in several places, you keep hours and send a timesheet for each employment contract.


Timesheet for NTNU IT

Employees who start or end their working day within core hours

Contact the Service Center via NTNU Help, and we will change the settings so that clock-in and clock-out during core hours are not counted as time off/absence.

Registering project hours

In order to register hours on externally funded projects (BOAs, log in to the Self service portal, and choose Time. You may also register project hours in the DFØ app. Note that you register the number of hours you work on a specific project. You don't punch in and out.

1. In the first column, where you register type of attendance, select "Project hours".

2. In the column that is named K-element 7, type the subproject number. It starts with the letters UV. If you don't know the subproject number, ask your local prosjektøkonom.

screenshot shows the field called K-element 7

3. If you use the self-service portal in a browser: Hover over the field for K-element 5 and press the button that comes up to the right (see the screenshot below). In the app, type and search for the project number in the field called Work order (K7) / Activity (K5).

4. In the portal in browser: If the subproject number allows you to register project hours, the project number and name will appear in a new window. Select by tapping to the left of the subproject number. If the field is empty, it means that you cannot register hours on the project. Please contact your local prosjektøkonom for further information.

screenshot shows how you choose a subproject from a list

5. Add the number of project hours in the "sum"-column. In the app, add this in the field "Number of hours".

screenshot shows hos to sum up prject hours

Guide: Register project hours on project/activity (DFØ)

On-call duty

Registering emergency on-call duty in the Self-service portal

Did you forget to register time?

You can register time back to the 1st of the previous month. If you have forgotten to register by the deadline, you must contact the Service center via NTNU Help. (This does not apply to project hours).

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