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Certificate of pay and tax deducted

Everyone who is on the NTNU payroll or has received other compensation from NTNU worth more than 1000 NOK per year should receive a Certificate of Pay and Tax Deducted during the course of the following January/February.

The annual statement from the year 2023 can be found in the Self-Service Portal. See the guide: read and look up your annual thesis on

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Reporting to the Tax Collection Office

Your salary and any other compensation will be reported to the Tax Collection Office.

Tax settlement - Frequently asked questions

1. Why is the amount listed under code 111-A larger than the amount I have earned this year?

This is typically because of holiday pay. Holiday pay is not taxable, so taxes are not deducted directly from this amount, but it is listed as part of the tax base for the year. The amount of holiday pay should always be listed on this form.

Salary is taxed the year it is paid, not the year when the work is performed. The amount listed by code 111-A may include payment for work done before January 1 of the applicable year. This might apply if you receive salary later for a raise the year before.

2. Why is the basis for holiday pay so so much lower than the reported salary in 111-A?

The salary filled in 111-A includes the holiday pay from the previous year. This amount is not included in the basis for holiday pay for the current year.

3. Why is there an amount filled in under code 116-A?

As a part of the work conditions, all public employees have a life insurance policy with the National Pension Fund. You don’t pay a premium for this endurance, but it is included in the tax assessment.

4. Why have I been taxed for travel expenses?

Some refunds are taxable, such as if you stay in private accommodation. See more information about Accommodation and meals in your travel expense claim.

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