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Guides to common intranet tasks and basic functions.

Norwegian version: Innsida

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Log on to Innsida via Menu.

Most importent to know

  1. My Page – read messages and use shortcuts
  2. Find content via the menues For employees and For students, or use search
  3. Edit your profile


For administrators


Course schedule and courses

My profile


Use the search field at the top right to find what you're looking for. The search field searches among:

  • help pages, user guides, routine descriptions etc.
  • persons - employees and students with contact information
  • courses and study programmes
  • messages and message channels
  • units (faculties, departments, divisions and sections).

Contents guide - find help

Use the menues For employees or For students where you will find a list of central topics.

Contact and help

Orakel Support Services

This information applies from 5 August 2024

Here you will find instructions for the home page on Innsida. You get to the start page by logging in with your NTNU username and password from the menu at the top right.

Main page: All guides about web | Norsk versjon: Innsida

Most used

  1. Read messages
  2. Use shortcuts
  3. Edit your profile page

All guides for Innsida start page

Messages and message channels

The shortcuts

Your profile page

Publish events on NTNU's calendar

Guides for content on webpages (topic and wiki)

About Innsida


Questions about Innsida? Please contact us via NTNU Hjelp.

Child Pages (5)

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    The shortcuts on Innsida

  • Edit your profile page

    Employee profile pages are widely used by colleagues, students and potential national and international partners. If you are applying for research funding, it’s highly probable that your profile...

  • Innsida messages

    All about the internal messaging system at NTNU's intranet. Norsk versjon - Innsida nyheter. Topic page about IT services | Pages labeled with Innsida Innholdsfortegnelse [-] In short News menu...

  • Terms of Use - Innsida

    Information about IT regulations, personal data and cookies when using Innsida, NTNU's intranet. Main page: All guides for Innsida | Norsk versjon: Brukervilkår - Innsida Norsk versjon -...

  • The shortcuts on Innsida

    On Innsida, you can add shortcuts to services and content that you use frequently. This means you have access to them regardless of which machine you log in from. In addition, you will find...