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NTNU's wireless networks have good coverage in all campuses, and are offered to students, employees and guests. In this page you will find information about the wireless networks available, which network you should use and how to connect.

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How do I connect to Eduroam?

The button below leads to a webpage that lets you automatically connect to Eduroam. Make sure you have internet access via cable, 4G or the guest network ntnuguest first.

NTNU username and password is required the first time you connect. Your username must be given in the format "".

 Automatic set up of Eduroam

What is Eduroam?

Eduroam is an abbreviation for "Education Roaming" and is a worldwide partnership among many educational and research institutions. You can get secure internet access at other universities and colleges in Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia with your "normal" user name and password. The only thing you have to do is to connect to eduroam at NTNU.

Read more about it on eduroam's website.

Free wifi at norwegian airports

Free wifi from Eduroam is available to students and employees at norwegian universities and university colleges, at airports all over Norway. The service is provided by UNINETT in partnership with Avinor.

How secure is NTNU's wireless network?

Eduroam is as secure as using a cable based network. The data traffic between your machine and the wireless base station is encrypted.

Wireless network for PCs installed by the IT-division

PCs with Windows, installed by NTNU's IT-division, uses the wireless network NTNU-MA within NTNU's campuses. NTNU-MA connects automatically and is the preferred network when it's available (NTNU-MA is not used in Gjøvik, nor in Ålesund). Where NTNU-MA is unavailable, Eduroam is the preferred wireless network.

Wireless network for other equipment

Eduroam is the wireless network for all other equipment in NTNU's campuses. Macs, machines with Linux, phones, tablets and private machines should all use Eduroam. PCs with Windows, without access to NTNU-MA, will also use Eduroam.

Wireless network for visitors

Visitors can use either of the university's wireless networks, Eduroam or ntnuguest. The network ntnuguest allows web traffic, but nothing else. Eduroam assumes that your organization is in some way associated with the eduroam system, and that you have set up your computer according to the instructions from your local IT support.

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