Eduroam on Linux

How to connect to eduroam using Ubuntu Linux, for students and employees.

Norsk versjon - Koble til trådløsnettet med Linux

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Automatic configuration

Connect to the wireless network (eduroam) automatically. This works with Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Android, Mac OS X and iOS. The application will find out which operating system you are using. However, if this doesn't work, use the guide below.

Manual configuration (Ubuntu Linux using GNOME)

Step 1:

Left click on the system icon in the upper right corner of your screen. Choose "Select Network".

Select network, upper right corner 

Step 2:

Select eduroam from the list of available networks.

Step 3:

  • Fill in the information as shown in the picture below.
  • Enter you NTNU username in the username field in this format: Meaning if your username is johndoe, input Use your NTNU password in the password field. This applies to both students and employees.

Step 4:

Click Connect to connect to eduroam.

Known issues

This guide is created using Ubuntu 20.04, if you have another flavor or Ubuntu or another distribution, your setup might look a little different, but the same options should still be present. Make sure to tick the box for "No CA certificate is required" or "Do not validate CA certificate".

A common error is caused by the file /etc/network/interfaces overriding Network Manager. If this is the case, make sure that /etc/network/interfaces looks like this:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback


Orakeltjenesten can assist you if you encounter any issues connecting to eduroam.