Practical guide to IMA

On this page, you will find useful information for employees at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (IMA).


The department consists of three locations/buildings:

The administration mostly has offices on the first floor in AGv.

Administrative support at IMA

Who in the department administration can help you? On this page you find who might help you in various administrative areas at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Technical support at IMA

On this page you find who is responsible for what.

Wikipage laboratory equipment

On this page you will find information about our labs and the equipment we have available for students, PhD, Post Doc and researchers.

Working in the labs

Before starting work in the labs, you need to attend an HSE course at the department and fill out a risk assessment for your work.

Access to the booking system (BookitLab)

The Department uses BookitLab for booking all instruments, bookings will be charged on your project. To get started: activate your account by logging on to the system using your NTNU username and password.

Afterward, you need to have a project added to your user. For Ph.D. candidates send your project number with the supervisor on cc to Anne-Grethe Nilsen (projects starting on 7 or 8) or Sebastian Stixrud (projects starting on 9).

Access to labs

Go through lab training/intro with the room responsible.

To get access to exit doors and corridor doors, contact Solveig Louise Sørli Jonassen for K2, and Pål Christian Skaret for AGv.

Routines for use of laboratories for master's and bachelor's students at IMA

This page covers routines when students at the Department of Materials Science (IMA) are using laboratories.

==== Innholdsfortegnelse [-]====

  1. Routines


  1. Normal working hours at IMA's laboratories are 07:00 to 19:00. It is desirable that as much laboratory work as possible is carried out when it is possible to get help from technical personnel if the student needs it.
  2. The microscopy laboratories and XRD are not subject to restrictions.
  3. If there is a need for extended access to laboratories/instruments etc., please
    a) contact the supervisor who decides whether the nature of the work indicates that extended access is necessary.
    b) Send an email to the head of department with reasons for the extended access. The head of department approves and ensures extended access.

Nyttige skjema /Useful forms

Avslutningsskjema - End form

How to get a Key card or key

Key card and employee Card

For the key get a requisition from Eli-Beate Larsen (K2-314) or Pål Skaret (AGv - Berg E-133) and go to the “Vakt og service” counter (Central Building 2, 2nd floor) to retrieve it.

Computers and computer accessories

Responsible at IMA: Shannen Thora Lea Sait

For computer support contact Orakeltjenesten, the employee desks are located at:

Both locations are open 08:00 - 15:45 (Monday-Friday)

Online store for ordering PC.

If you want to order PC / Mac, keyboard, mouse, roller mouse, headset, adapter, webcam, cables, and other equipment for PC / Mac that you cannot find in the online store, go to the Self Service Portal NTNU Hjelp.

Safety glasses with vision correction

Employees can order safety glasses with vision correction, here is information on how to order.

How to print

How to send a package

  • Fill out a proforma invoice, it is important to fill out content, value, contact info sender, contact info receiver
  • Make 3 copies
  • Put 3 copies and the package at the delivery point in Realfags building on a table in this corridor: E1-021
  • Place an order in the e-vaktmester, choose the service category Transport/port, and mention if you want to track the package
  • Someone from transport will pick it up and you will get a notice
  • For questions, contact 73595403


Flights, hotels, car rentals, and train: you can book all travels yourself
More information on traveling

Business credit card: if you can’t pay through the ordering system, use your business credit card.
Information on getting your credit card - Make sure you get a receipt for the purchase.

Getting supplies and ordering chemicals or other goods

If the item is in IMA storage you can get it from the technical personnel, see the table below.

ItemHow to get it (K2) How to get it (AGV) How to get it (Akrinn)
Basic lab equipment such as glassware, bottles, syringes, etc. Write what you need on the list in the reception (K2-132)
Pick it up the next day
Order the equipment through BookitLab or contact Marit Elinda Olaisen Odden or Dmitry SlizovskiyContact room responsible
AluminaContact Pei Na KuiSame as aboveContact room responsible
Ethanol Contact any K2 engineerBerit KramerContact room responsible
Liquid N2 Contact Elin Albersten
Backup Pei Na Kui, Sergey Khromov
Contact Sergey Khromov
Back up Elin Albersten, Pei Na Kui
same as K2
Chemicals from the storage Write what you need on the list in the reception. Pick it up the next dayBerit KramerContact room responsible
Ordered package You can find the package with your name on it in the reception (K2-132)Ordered goods are usually delivered to Anne Grethe in E-123

If the item is not in storage, it needs to be ordered, see this document: General information - how to order chemicals and various goods – IMA.


The Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV) also has three workshops available that can be used to make equipment:

The requisition form for the workshops is here, fill out the form after you have been to the workshops, and send to Eli Beate Larsen.

What to do when you leave IMA

Go through and fill out the End of project form (Docx). In this process, you must clean out your office and any labs you have been using and get the room responsible for the labs to sign that you have done so. Give back your computer, key and organize any files which should be handed over to other people.

You are responsible for disposing of all the samples/chemicals you have, if the supervisor wishes to keep the samples/chemicals, an agreement has to be made with those responsible for storage areas. Samples/chemicals must be either transferred to a new owner or disposed of as hazardous waste. DO NOT leave IMA before this is done.

Useful links at IMA

Useful links at NTNU

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