NTNU Hjelp

NTNU Hjelp is a self-help portal for students and employees. You log onto NTNU Hjelp with your username and password (FEIDE) by following the link below: 

 NTNU Hjelp

Norwegian version - NTNU Hjelp

For operators, go directly to: TOPdesk

Why use NTNU Hjelp? #

As an employee or student, you would rather get help to solve your problem than searching for the right persons to help you. If you can't find the answer to the specific problem, you are now able to send an electronic form through the NTNU Hjelp portal. The system will send your request to the right unit.

The advantage to using the portal is that you do not have to wait in a phone queue or wait for Orakel to answer you, since many of the answers are now avilable on the portal NTNU Hjelp.

Services available #

From 30th of September, IT and Security and Service will be available in the portal. Others will follow shortly.

Contact #

Questions about the project? Reach out to Project Manager Tove S. Matera.

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