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KASPER - Reference group certificate

In this guide you will learn how to use KASPER to create a certificate for students who participated in reference groups. Both course coordinators and the institute administrators may use this feature. You may also watch our Panopto-video on the same topic (norwegian with english subtitles).

Norsk versjon – KASPER – Bekreftelse til student

If some other method of student evaluation has been registered, or the reference group was not created in KASPER, you cannot create a reference group certificate as described in this guide. An alternative form of certification may be provided by the institute.

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Getting Started

Log in to KASPER by clicking "Log in" below. This will redirect you to the page entitled "Bekreftelse på deltakelse i referansegruppe" [Reference group participation certificate].

Log in

From the KASPER start page you may also locate this module both under "Emneevaluering" [Course evaluation] and "Administrasjon" [Administration].

A screenshot showing the icon of the module reference group certificate in KASPER- The icon is marked with a red border

Search by Student or Course

On this page there are two search bars. You can choose between searching for a specific student you wish to create a certificate for (1), or for a specific course (2).

NB: Have some patience when searching, as it may take up to several seconds before the results appear.
A screenshot of the module showing the two search bars: search for students and search for course code

  1. "Søk etter studenter" [Search by student]: Here you enter the name of the student, and the search result gives you all the courses for which the student has participated in a reference group. Then you select the course for which you want to create a certificate.  Search menu where the student's name is searched for directly, the result gives an overview of the courses, with the option to click on the printer icon to the right
  2. "Søk etter emnekode" [Search by course code]: Here you enter the course code, and the search result gives you all students who have been reference group members for this course for all years. Remember to select the student for whom you want to print a certificate. Then you select the student for which you want to create a certificate.
     Search menu where you search for a course, the result gives an overview of all the reference group members for that course, with the possibility to click on the printer icon to the right

In both instances you click the printer icon on the righthand side of the screen to create the certificate.

Select City and Language

After clicking the printer icon, a dialogue box will appear, where you must enter the "By" [City] where the course was held (1), and the "målføre/språk" [language] in which the certificate will be printed (2).

 A box with a drop-down menu for entering the city, and choose the language: Norwegian Nynorsk/Bokmål or English

When you have made your choices a PDF-document will be generated, which includes the relevant information. You may then choose if you wish to download the document and send it to the student digitally (1), or print it out and send a physical copy (2). NB: Either way, the certificate must be signed by the course coordinator or someone from the institute administration. To learn how to add a digital signature, see the following section below.

 The pre-created PDF can be both printed and downloaded

Adding a Digital Signature to the Certificate

As NTNU provides licenses to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for all employees, this guide will show you how to add a digital signature in that software. You are free to use some other equivalent software you have available.

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader and locate the "Sign" tab in the top toolbar. Click "Fill & Sign" (see arrow).
     Press «Sign» and then select «Fill & Sign» to be able to write a digital signature
  2. This will make some new buttons appear in the top of the document, below the editing toolbar. Here you click "Sign yourself" (1). If you do not already have a digital signature saved in Acrobat, you must create one by writing, drawing, or selecting an image of your name.
  3. Then place the signature on the signature line (2), and save the document (3).
     The confirmation opened in Adobe Acrobat, with the option of entering a digital signature
  4. The signed certificate can be printed and delivered to the student physically, or sent to them digitally.

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