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This wiki contains frequently asked questions and answers about KASPER. Click the boxes below to find answers to the parts of KASPER you are wondering about.

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Reference groups

I can't find my Team

Creating the reference group Team can take up to 3 days, depending on Microsoft's processing time. If you have waited more than 3 days, contact your institute's KASPER contact person.

The students have finished writing their report, but I can't publish it

The students need to submit the report through the process support tab before you (the course coordinator) may publish it.

I have tried publishing the reference group report in Teams, but it has not been added to the course report.

This sometimes happens if the course report itself has been published before the reference group report. If this is the case, you must de-publish [avpubliser] the course report, and then manually upload the reference group report to the course report as an attachment.

I want someone else to be responsible for the reference group Team

The course coordinator may add people as "course/report coordinator" in the course report module in KASPER. Whomever you add here will become co-owner of the Team. NB: You may only add one person as course/report coordinator.

I want to add/remove/exchange students in the reference group Team

This is done through the process support tab. You may search for, add, and remove students, as explained in this wiki about reference groups. NB: Do not use Teams's built-in "Add members" function. Changes made here will not carry through to KASPER.

I am trying to create a reference group certificate, but I can't find the students in KASPER.

This is usually because the students have not been added to the group in the correct way. See question above.

What do I do if students sent the wrong file as their report?

The reference group Team will have to be reset to the state it was before the wrong report was sent. Report the error to NTNU Hjelp.

The course report

The course report won't let me upload any data (the reference group report, etc) as attachment.

If you have published the report it will not let you upload any more attachements. To do so, you must de-publish [avpubliser] the report, then try uploading the attachment again.

Another possibility is that you have reading access only. It you are an institute administrator, you may add yourself as a contributor or course/report coordinator. You may also ask the course coordinator to add you. NB: If you need to be able to publish the report, you must be added as course/report coordinator.

I have used some other method of student evaluation than reference groups, but the data does not appear with the course report at the Study Quality Portal.

This could mean your method of student evaluation has not been properly registrered for the course. As long as you have not already tried to create a regular reference group, you may request to use your method by following the steps in this wiki about other student evaluations.

Access to KASPER

I want to access KASPER

If you need access to KASPER to work on the course level, contact the KASPER contact at your institute. If you need to work on the level of study plans and programs, contact your Faculty's KASPER contact. In any case, you can find who to reach out to in this wiki about KASPER contacts.

I can't log in to KASPER

Make sure you are logged in with your NTNU user and password through FEIDE. If this doesn't work, report the issue to NTNU Hjelp.

I (a course coordinator) can't find my course in KASPER

It is possible the course has not been properly imported from FS. Check first with your local KASPER contact if they have the same problem. Otherwise, report the issue to NTNU Hjelp.

Can I log onto KASPER outside NTNU's network?

Yes. KASPER is connected to Office365, and is available without the use of VPN.


When acccessing a list of information, such as my courses, I can't see all the rows and/or columns

This usually happens because KASPER is not good at scaling down to smaller screens. The solutions is often to put your internet browser into full-screen, or zoom out. You can zoom out by holding down CTRL (Command on Mac) and scroll with the mouse wheel. There should also be a zoom symbol, shaped as a magnifying glass, at the top right of your browser.

KASPER won't let me scroll sideways to see all columns

To scroll sideways, first scroll all the way to the bottom of the list. Then the sideways scroll bar will become visible.

What browser should I be using?

KASPER has been tested in Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. If you are experiencing any problems with your browser, check out the wiki on supported browsers at NTNU.

We recommend not using KASPER on mobile devices or tablets, in part because of its issues with smaller sized screens, as previously mentioned above.

Will there be held any training courses in KASPER?

Training courses may be requested from the Education Quality Division [Avdeling for utdanningskvalitet] through NTNU Hjelp.

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