Supported browsers

Information on supported browsers for web based systems in use at NTNU.

Norsk versjon -  nettleserstøtte ved NTNU 

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Using an old browser?

If you are using an old browser — i.e. Internet Explorer 9 or 10, or Firefox 3.6 — you should upgrade to a new version. Three good reasons to update your browser:

  1. Speed: Newer browser often load pages faseter
  2. Security: Not only do newer browsers yield a better user experience, they are also more secure. (»Vulnerabilities)
  3. Cost effectiveness. The effort and time required to make complex websites appear normal in old browsers, is often equal to or greater than the time used on all other browsers, combined.

It is generally a good idea to upgrade your browser to the newest version soon after it becomes available. However, at work, be aware that particular systems may not be compatible with the absolute latest version; and NTNU's Software Farm can be a useful alternative in these instances. Contact your IT-support desk for advice and assistence.  

What is old?
Browser Old
Update now!
Lowest version
for employees
Internet Explorerv.11 and olderIE 12Edge
IE 12
Chromev.43 ( SVG)--Newest version
iOS SafariiOS Safari v.8.4--Newest version
FirefoxFirefox 40--Newest version and 

Core content and navigation for NTNU's official websites should be readable and usable in as many browsers as possible. Variations in presentation can occur, (i.e. table styles) but are minimal. 

Intranet (Innsida) 

Innsida supports Internet Explorer 11 or higher, and Firefox 8 and higher.  Other modern browsers such as Chrome and Safari function very well.  Full support for older browser versions increases development and maintenance costs exponentially. As such older browsers are not fully supported beyond core content and navigation.


Orakel Support Services can help you install and use browsers. Employees may contact their local IT user support.