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On this page you will find current and updated information about exams at NTNU for the fall term 2021. The page will be kept up to date with information relevant for both academic and administrative staff.

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Temporary academic regulations

Temporary academic regulations to the Academic Regulations for NTNU, adopted by the board on 12 March 2020, is extended to 15 January 2022.

There will be held written school exams on campus for the fall term 2021, albeit with reduced capacity. The course description on the course information pages show the current form of assessment for a course, and whether the exam is analogue or digital.

Distribution fo responsibility department/central administration

Home exams

This is the distribution of responsibility for home exams for the fall term 2021:

  • Home exams with an ordinary duration of more than 6 hours are managed entirely by the departments themselves.
  • Home exams with an ordinary duration of up to and including 6 hours are as a general rule managed by teh Student Academic Division and the IT department, but it has been decided that departments that want to, can handle quality assurance and activation of their own tests. Tests that are not activated by the departments will be taken care of by the Examinations office. The Examinations office/the IT department are responsible for technical support during the exams, both for students and employees, as well as inquiries regarding delayed submission.

Cover page templates and test templates have been created to reflect this distribution of responsibility.

For more information about creating, quality assurance of, and activating tests, see the article Opprette prøve i Inspera Assessment (in Norwegian only).

Written school exams

The Examinations office manages written school exams as usual. Nevertheless, the departments are responsible for ensuring that all tests and question sets (both analogue and digital) have been quality-assured, according to current guidelines.

Mid-term exams

If you wish to arrange mid-term exams on campus, or home exams with a duration of up to and including six hours outside of the main exam period, that are managed by the Examinations office and the IT Department, we request that this is reported using this form. This to ensure that staff and technical support is available at the requested date/time.

Hand drawings or calculations

Home exams

Home exams which include hand drawings and/or calculations are possible. In these exams, the students themselves are responsible for digitizing their answers. User guides and information directed at the students are available here.

NB! Remember that the question set must include at least one upload assignment for the students to be able to submit hand drawings. 30 minutes are added to the examination time for file uploads on short-term home exams (duration of up to and including 6 hours).

Written school exams

For written school exams, hand drawings are handled using InsperaScan. Note that there is a separate test template where this setting is activated. If you wish to use InsperaScan, contact your department administration.

The Examinations office oversees the scanning process, and this does not require any upload assignment questions.

In the fall term 2021, there will be carried out a pilot test using drawing tablets for written digital school exams. NTNU has acquired 60 devices, and the courses taking part in the pilot test will receive information as the pilot test progresses. If this sounds interesting for your course for the coming terms, contact the Examinations office.

Third-party software

Use of third-party software should be cleared with the IT Department. This applies to both written school exams and home exams. This way we can ensure that all students have access to the software/service - and that technical support services is prepared. This also applies to web services such as Git, Lovdata, GIS, Chemdraw and other services where the program or resource is running as a website. See Exam with software for information and registration of requirements.

Note! Remember that the question set must include at least one upload assignment for the students to be able to upload files.

External digital resources and websites

Home exams

For home exams, the students have access to all available support material, including all available online resources. Keep in mind that an external online resource may become unavailable during the exam, that the content may change, and that content may be subject to licensing agreements or other restrictions. Use links to external resources carefully. We recommend that content critical for the execution of a home exam, is uploaded to Inspera as a part of the question set. The IT Department and the Examinations office can not guarantee the accessibility of external digital resources. If you want advice, direct your enquiry to

Written school exams

Written digital school exams are held using Safe Exam Browser (SEB), which disables all other websites than Inspera. The question set, including any PDF resources, must not contain links to external websites. URL as a resource must not be used without an agreement with the Examinations office/IT department.

Additional time for uploading/submission

Applies to home exams with an ordinary duration of up to and including 6 hours: Utdanningsutvalget has decided that all home exams containing at least one upload assignment should be given 30 minutes additional time. The additional time is reserved for submission, and shall not be counted in the examination time given on the cover page. Information regarding additional time is presented in a separate paragraph on the cover page template. The Examinations office assumes that all candidates who experience technical problems during submission contact technical support before the examination time ends.

Recommended setup for question sets on home exams

  • All exams, including home exams, must have a cover page, created using a template.
  • Hand drawings and calculations should be submitted as PDF files. This provides both students and graders a best possible experience. Picture files could be considered if high picture quality is essential. Zip files can be considered if the students should submit other files than only hand drawings and calculations.
  • If a question should be answered using hand drawings or calculations, the answer to the entire question should be submitted as a PDF. This makes for a better user experience for the grader than if the students write parts of an answer in Inspera and parts of an answer on paper. This because it is not possible to combine digital and analogue answers within the same question.
  • If there are numerous question where students are expected to answer using hand drawings or calculations, you should consider having the students submit their entire answer as a single PDF. This to avoid making the students spend large portions of the examination time creating several PDF files, and/or risking errors when uploading the files. If the entire answer should be written by hand and submitted as a single PDF, the question set itself could also be created as a single PDF, as shown under Upload assignment on this page.
  • The question set should consist of separate questions in Inspera, as this is most user friendly for both students and graders. This is especially important if the question set should be answered without the use of hand drawings and/or calculations.
  • If the candidates are expected to only produce text for their answer, we recommend using the question type Essay. This question type auto-saves every 15. seconds, and the answer is automatically submitted when the examination time expires.

Good to know

  • It is not possible to set time limits per question/section in a question set. That means it is impossible to set the question set up with e.g. one section containing multiple choice questions with a separate time limit from the rest of the question set.
  • As the candidates are not using SEB (Safe Exam Browser), it is not practical to use the function "Disable navigate back button", which normally makes the question set "one-way drive". The candidates can navigate back to the start of the question set by closing the browser and reopening the test, thus getting access to all questions.
  • If the questions in the question set should be answered directly in Inspera, it is possible to give each candidate a given number of questions (randomly pulled) within a section in the question set. This only works if all questions in the section have the same maximum number of marks. Using this function could reduce the effect of cooperation between candidates, but at the same time it demands more of you as author, as more questions are needed than if all candidates get the same selection of questions.
  • Maximum size of each upload assignment is 50 GB. Note that it is only possible for the candidates to upload one file per upload assignment.
  • The candidate can not upload files after the examination time has expired.
  • Plagiarism check is activated on all home exams in Inspera.

How to inform the students about what?

The Examinations office will provide all students with general information about exams before the examination period starts. Still, the department/course coordinator must make sure to provide the candidates with relevant information for each exam. This must be done well in advance of the exam, no later than a week before the exam date. All information to the students must be given in Blackboard and via e-mail. This ensures that the information reaches everyone, including candidates without access to Blackboard. The information should:

  • Urge students to take a demo test If you wish to create a demo test that is more relevant for your course, contact Such a test can be made available to the students via a URL for a limited period of time.
  • Brief the students about plagiarism/cheating.
  • State any demands for citations.
  • Give the students an indication about the design of the question set.
    • If the question set contains one or more upload assignments, the students should get acquainted with how to remove personal information from the file they will submit.
    • If the question set contains several upload assignments, the students should be encouraged to upload their files continuously during the test.
    • If the candidates are expected to submit .zip files, this should be made clear beforehand, so they can get to know how this is done.
    • If the students should submit hand drawings, this should be made clear well in advance, so the students can make sure they have the necessary equipment and skills. See information and user guides directed at the students.

Errors in the question set - how to notify the candidates?

  • If you discover an error in your question set after you have shared it with the planner (administrative staff), but before the exam has started:
    1. Correct the error.
    2. Contact the planner/administrative staff at your department and ask for the test to be updated with the latest version.
  • It is not possible to make changes to a question set which is connected to an ongoing test. If you discover an error in your question set after the exam has started, follow this procedure:
    • Written school exams and home exams with ordinary duration up to and including 6 hours:
      1. The teacher contacts the IT Department/Examinations office (tel.: 73 59 66 01) as soon as possible. Have a written formulation ready for what you wish to convey to the candidates.
      2. The IT Department/Examinations office assists in sending a notification to the candidates in Inspera Assessment. To make sure all candidates receive the notification, all candidates will also receive an SMS saying they have a new notification in Inspera.
      3. The teacher will, together with the Examinations office, assess the need for any additional time.
    • Home exams with ordinary duration of more than 6 hours:
      1. The teacher contacts the department administration as soon as possible. Have a written formulation ready for what you wish to convey to the candidates.
      2. The department administration sends e-mail notifications to the candidates from FS, using the routine FS214.001.
      3. The teacher will, together with the department administration, assess the need for any additional time.

Good quality assurance of the question set in advance avoids such situations.

User guides and learning resources

E-learning courses and videos

E-learning courses and videos aimed at both academic and administrative staff are available at Eksamen og vurdering - kurs og opplæring for ansatte (in Norwegian only.

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Relevant user guides for administrative staff (in Norwegian only)

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