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School exam with hand drawings - for students

Sometimes, you may get the possibility to submit hand drawings/handwritten paper, even though you are having a digital school exam. On this page you will find information on how to fill out the papers correctly, so that they can be attached to your digital submission.

Norsk versjon: Skoleeksamen med håndtegninger - for studenter.

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Using hand drawings

The course coordinator decides the use of hand drawings for your digital school exam. If it is an option, it says so on the cover page of the question set. In that case you will see a seven-digit code at the bottom of each question, by clicking "Show question code". 

NB! Even if you are given sheets for hand drawings (see picture below), where not specified on the front page, you will not be allowed to submit the hand drawings along with your exam answer. It is your responsibility to read the information on the front page on every exam. 


Filling out the paper

You are handed special paper on the exam day, which looks like this:

The most important thing is to fill out the question code, which can be found in the question itself. The code must be written and shaded in the top left corner of the paper. Please note that the codes are unique per question, so it is important to use a new sheet of paper for each new question.

Furthermore, fill out the exam date, course code, candidate number, question number, page number, and total number of sheets.

Use permanent marker or pen when filling out the question codes and exam information. Do not use pencil or red ink. This applies to both filling out the question codes and the answer itself.

A description of how to fill out the paper is also available in the backsheet.


When you are finished with your exam, notify an invigilator, who will control that the paper is correctly filled out. The invigilator signs the backsheet, and enters the total number of sheets.

Note! You have 15 minutes after the examination time has expired to organize your papers.If you fill out the question code after the test in Inspera has closed, click "View without downloading" to retrieve the codes.

After the exam

The submitted paper is scanned by the Examinations office, and is available in your archive in Inspera no later than a couple of working days after the exam.

If you think there are errors or something is missing from your submission, contact the Examinations office as soon as possible.



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