Cover page template for examinations

The Examinations Office has prepared a cover page templates to be used for home exams. This to ensure that all candidates receive identical information on the exam day. This page contains templates for exam cover pages.

Norsk versjon: Forsidemal eksamen

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Cover page templates - digital exam

How to use the templates

  • Copy the template into the question type "Document" in Inspera.
  • Fill in the missing information, and adapt/remove the text in red/capitals.
  • All information that is relevant to your exam must be included on the cover page. Non-relevant information must be removed. Add further information as needed.

Home exams/assignments

User support for all home exams with standard duration up to and including 6 hours will be managed by the Examinations Office/IT Department. Home exams with standard duration of more than 6 hours will be managed in their entirety by the departments.

The templates reflect this distribution of responsibility, and the contents of the templates differ slightly.

Choose the template suited to your course, depending on the duration of the exam.

School exams

Current date/version: 2023-11-23, V1.2

Cover page templates - analogue exam

Current date/version: 2023-11-14, V1



Codes for the cover page

Permitted examination aids - codes for the cover page

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