Time-limited contracts

Everyone who is going to work for NTNU must have a contract before they can start. This page describes the routine for signing time-limited hourly, monthly and assignment contracts. 

Norsk: Tilsetting og arbeidskontrakt

Which positions should have a contract described on this page?

Student assistants, teaching assistants, research assistants, pensioner with pensioner terms, examination shift (not pensioner terms), external examiner, assessment of doctoral thesis, among others student mentor. The list is not complete. 

See detailed routines (in Norwegian) for ordering a contract (including procedures for censorship, public defence and urgent assignments)

The steps described below must be followed in order for the employee or contractor to receive a salary/fee at the right time.

1. <strong>Request contract</strong> (is done by the person in need of a temporary employee)

Form: Order temporary hourly wage, monthly and work assignment contracts

The form can be submitted by e.g. professor, project manager or others who need an employee within the category described above. To fill out the form, you must have the following information about the person you want to hire or give assignments:

  • Name, phone number, e-mail
  • Start- and end-date for the contract
  • Selects type of contract if f you already know now whether it should be an hourly, monthly or assignment contract.

2. <strong>Order contract</strong>: (done by employee with the role of "need-holder contract")

All units have qualified employees with the role of "need holder contract". Here comes the form that was sent in step 1. You who are the need holder contract must consider what type of contract you should order. You then collect the necessary information. Hourly, monthly and work assignment contracts must be ordered and created in the Self-Service Portal or DFØ app provided by The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management(DFØ). 

Log in to The Self-service portal( or download the DFØ app (

3. <strong>Create contract </strong>(done by employee with the role of "need-holder contract")

NTNU has centralised the contract creation function. There is the Service center who is responsible for that part of the process and who has the role «caseworker contract». Caseworker contract in the Service centre creating and processing the contract The Self-service portal(

4. <strong>Approve contract</strong> (done by manager

A manager or others with budget allocation authority (BDM) must approve the contract. You agree to the contract in The Self-service portal (dfo).
Guide: Approve contract (

5. <strong>Sign contract</strong> (done by the person who is hired / take the assignment)

If you are going to enter into an hourly, monthly or assignment contract with NTNU, you will receive an e-mail. The sender of the e-mail is The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFØ), our supplier of payroll and financial services. The e-mail explains how you can check and sign the contract. You must sign the contract to get the necessary accesses and paid wages. 

What to remember to do when you receive the contract

Do you experience technical problems when entering into a contract with NTNU?

If you do not receive a contract by e-mail or text message on mobile upon registration, please contact the Service Centre by phone or e-mail.

If you get an error message when signing the contract: There may be challenges when using a Mac/iPhone/iPad, especially with GoogleChrome. Try to use Windows together with Google chrome when signing, if you have that option available.

If you get an error message right after signing the contract, try again a few times. If it still doesn't work, reject the contract and write a note that you're getting an error message.

Access to the Self-Service Portal is valid from the start date of the contract.

If it still doesn't work, contact the Service Center by phone or email.

6. <strong>Follow up on contract and timesheet</strong>  (done by caseworker contract in the service center)

In cooperation with the person who ordered the contract (need-holder contract), the coordinator of the contract in the service center follows up the contract further and makes any changes.

7. <strong>Disburse contract</strong>  (done by the caseworker contract in the service center)

In order for hourly wages and assignment fees to be paid, the service centre must approve this in the self-service portal. They will then notify the employee/contractor, if something is wrong and explain what is corrected. 

When are salaries/fees paid?

  • Hourly contract: The employee keeps hours continuously and is paid salary based on deadlines for submission, approval and disbursement.
  • MPnthly contract: The employee will be paid salary on the 12th of the month following the start date of the contract.
  • Assignment contract: The day after the end date of the contract, the settlement is sent for approval and on to payment.


General IT access: It is different for a contractor and employee what accesses/accounts are included when a TOA contract is signed.

Those who have an hourly or monthly contract become employees at NTNU and receive the same rights and access as permanent employees. They will be instructed by the Oracle Service to activate their user account which gives them the email address, feud ID and access to the file area T: for the device they are associated with. They also get MIcrosoft 365 employee license.

Contractors don't get this. If there is a need for IT access to contractors, they can be registered in the Guest Service. The exception is sensors that gain IT access if the faculty search for their name and give them sensor-role in Gestetjenesten. More information in routine for sensor assignments

Self-service portal/DFØ app accesses: Anyone can log in to the self-service portal/DFØ app after the start date from the contract, but have different "tiles" they see.  A contractor gets access to the contract, paycheck, as well as the opportunity to register an expense reimbursement, travel or allowance (Betalmeg). An employee is also given the opportunity to keep his or her hours.


If you have questions about time-limited contracts, contact the Service center

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