Before you can work for NTNU, you must enter into a written contract. Your fee will be paid out after the end date of your signed contract.

Norwegian: Oppdragstaker

You sign the contract in the Self-Service Portal or DFØ app

Assigment contracts are concluded via the digital solution for time-limited contracts.

A few days before your contract arrives, you will receive an e-mail from NTNU containing practical information on how to sign your contract.

The contract is sent to you by e-mail from DFØ, the supplier of the digital solution. You must read through the contract and either confirm the details and sign the contract or reject it and explain why.

Once the contract has been signed, you will receive a new email from DFØ about how to log in to the Self-Service Portal or the DFØ app.

How to sign the contract

When you receive the email from DFØ, click on the link to access the contract. To log in, you need to order a code on SMS by clicking the button "Get password". Enter the six-number code and click "Sign in" to proceed.

A detailed description of how to sign the contract is provided in the link below, and it will also be attached to the contract.

In order to sign the contract, you need to be able to receive a code by SMS.

If you haven’t received the code within a few minutes, please try again after one hour.

If you are still unable to receive the code, or should any other problems occur when signing the contract, please do not hesitate to contact the Service center (contact information at the end of this article).


When do you get paid?

The fee will be paid after the end date of the contract has passed.


Foreign contractors without a Norwegian address or national identity number will have this automatically sent by DFØ by post.

If you do have Norwegian address or national identity, you will find the payslip in the Betalmeg Self-service portal or Altinn.

Calculation of fees

Contractors are not covered by the main tariff agreement. The contracting authority is free to agree with the contractor fees for an assignment independent of the state's salary plan booklet. There are no central guidelines for rates for external contractors. The units determine their own rates for different types of external assignments or with relevant contractors, including what the amount should include.

  • Holiday pay (12%)
  • Pension (4 % to defined contribution pension)
  • Voluntary occupational injury benefit (See also NAV: The annual premium amounts to 0.4 percent of expected annual income outside of service.)
  • Sick pay (the faculty/department's absence rate for short-term absence can, for example, be used as a basis)

The contracting authority is not obliged to include any of the additional costs in the rates for external contractors.

In case of deviations in the contract sum, contact the Service Center before the assignment is completed (contact info at the bottom of the page).

Travel expense claims, reimbursements and remunerations

When you have a contract with NTNU, you will access Betalmeg from where you can register you travel expense claims and reimbursements. You will have access from the start date of your contract. You will receive an e-mail from The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFØ) about Betalmeg. If you don't have a Norwegian bank-ID, you need to sign in this way.

Note that your fees are not to be registered via Betalmeg. Your fee will be paid to a contractor after the end date of the assignment.


Many of the assignments carried out for NTNU are to be paid as fees in the payroll system, and not as invoices in the accounting system.

Go Contractor versus self-employed person for more information.

Committee approval

The chairperson, members and secretaries of state committees are compensated for meeting preparations, work in meetings, etc., as stipulated in the administrative provisions of the State Personnel Handbook.

NTNU follows the indicative rates set by the Ministry in the administrative provisions.

Copy of the contract

After the contract has been signed, it will be available in the DFØ app and the Self-Service Portal.

Duties and rights

Contractors do not receive sick pay, holiday pay or pension premiums from the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund from NTNU. Tax liability on payment of earned income applies.


If you need help with signing contract or have any questions about fees, you may contact the Service center.

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