Leave during pregnancy

If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you need to be aware of how your job or working conditions might affect your pregnancy. Certain chemicals and work situations may be harmful to your fertility or to your fetus.

Norsk versjon - Permisjon under svangerskapet

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Contact the Occupational Health Services if you need special arrangements early in your pregnancy and you do not want to involve your employer.

Are you exposed to radiation at your workplace?

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Special arrangements for pregnant women

Your employer has a duty to make adaptations for you when you are pregnant.

You must be transferred to another kind of job if you work in an environment that is harmful to the foetus. If a transfer is not feasible, you are exempted from work during your pregnancy, and you are entitled to pregnancy benefits (//svangerskapspenger//).

How to apply for pregnancy benefits:

1. Fill in the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority form //Tilrettelegging og omplassering pga graviditet (Arrangements and redeployment in connection with pregnancy). //

2. Before submitting the form to your employer, you must ask a doctor or midwife to fill in their part of the form.

3.) If your manager cannot transfer you to another type of job, he or she completes the manager’s part of the form, and sends the form to the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).

Pregnancy benefits

When you are pregnant, you are entitled to paid time off during the workday to go to pregnancy check-ups. This right applies primarily when the check-up cannot take place outside working hours.

Leave before childbirth

You also have the right to start taking maternity leave up to 12 weeks before your due date. If you take this leave before the birth, the shared period that can be distributed between the parents is reduced by the corresponding number of days.


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