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Here you will find an overview of frequently asked questions. The questions are tematically divided into 1) registering for the examination, 2) during examination, 3) digital examination, 4) special exam arrangements, 5) examination results, 6) explanation of grades and appeals, 7) diplomas and 8) other topics.

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Registering for the examination

How do I register for the examination? Do so via Studentweb within the specific deadline.

I have not registered myself for the examination and the deadline has passed. What can I do now? If you have a valid and documented reason for not having registered, you can apply for a delayed exam registration.

I have registered for the examination on the wrong course code. What shall I do? Contact the Examination office (

Why is it that I am not able to register for the examination? This can be due to one of many possible reasons:

  • The deadline has passed
  • You have no admission to study
  • The course have admission requirements
  • The course also requires that you complete some compulsory activity’s before appearing for the exam, and you may not have done so
  • The examination is a postponed/re-sit one, and you are not eligible to take it
  • You may have used up the maximum number of attempts allowed in order to retake the exam

I wish to improve my grades. Can I try to do that by appearing for a postponed/re-sit examination in the course? No. The re-sit examination is only for candidates who have failed, withdrawn from the exam while writing it or have a legitimate leave of absence for an ordinary exam in the course. You can only improve your grade by giving a regular exam in the same course again.

I have two exams at the same time (collision). What should I do? You can apply for a legitimate leave of absence for one of the exams. You will thus be granted a re-sit exam. It is important to note that both the courses which have an exam collision should be registered in your education plan and that you have not passed any of the courses earlier. Apply for legitimate absence by filling out this form.

I have registered myself for an examination, but I am now on an exchange program. What should I do? You can get a valid absence for the exam as long as the course is a part of your education plan and you have not passed the examination before. This gives you the right to sit for a re-sit exam, given that the course has provision for a re-sit exam (check the course description). Contact the Examination Office at

I will be retaking an examination. Must I also repeat all the compulsory assignments, even though I have successfully completed them in the previous semester? You don`t need not resubmit the compulsory assignments if they have not been changed substantially since the last time you completed them. In order to make sure, please read the course description again and contact the student advisor in your department.

Can I withdraw from an examination after the deadline has passed? No. You cannot. If you do so, it will be counted as one of the maximum permitted attempts. You can withdraw from the exam no later than 14 days before the examination date. NOTE: Deadline for cancelling your registrations for re-sit exams in August: 20 July.

How many times can I retake an examination in the same course? A maximum of three times. However, the Faculty can grant you a fourth chance. If you have special needs, the Faculty may grant a fifth and final chance.

During examination

How do I find the examination date for a course? You can find this under “Examination” on the course description page online. When you register for an examination, the examination date will also automatically appear on Studentweb.

I am not sure if my compulsory assignments have been approved and whether I am eligible for the examination. How do I find out? Contact the department that offers the course.

I am not able to find information about the room at which I must appear for the examination on Studentweb. Why is that so? This can be due to the fact that you have not completed all the compulsory assignments in the course, and thus cannot enter the exam. Kindly contact your study advisor if you think it is a mistake. If that is resolved and you still have not been assigned a room, please contact the examination office promptly at

Can I write with pencil at the written analog school exam? No, you must write with black or blue pen.

I will appear for the examination. Which permitted examination aids can I use in the exam hall? Please read the “examination” information provided in the course description carefully. You will find the answer to your question there.

Can I use the Student ID app as valid ID on the exam? No, the mobile phone must be turned off in the examination room. You need to bring personal ID like your student card (not student ID app), bank card with photo or passport.

Can I appear for the examination in another city in which NTNU has a campus (Trondheim, Ålesund, Gjøvik)? No. Owing to capacity and resource constraints, this is not possible. The exam is arranged in the city to which the course belongs.

What happens if I have to deliver a home exam from a different time zone? NTNU does not factor in different time zones when scheduling exams. Candidates located abroad must take the exam at the same time as the candidates located in Norway, regardless of the time of day.

Does home exams use Safe Exam Browser? No, home exams are carried out without any form of lockdown browser.

I will take an exam in a course with a lot of calculations - can I write the exam by hand? The course coordinator/lecturer may use drawings/calculations for home exams. The candidates themselves are responsible for digitizing these drawings/calculations, e.g. by using the camera on their mobile phone, and submitting the file(s) digitally in Inspera Assessment. Read more about drawings for home exams here.

Can I discontinue the examination, if I wish to? As a candidate, you can 1) withdraw yourself from the examination in the exam-hall or 2) submit a blank answer sheet. In the first instance, you have to sign to indicate that you have withdrawn yourself and nothing is sent for evaluation. In Studentweb, this will be updated as “withdrawal from the examination”. In the second instance, the blank answer sheet will be sent for evaluation, and you will get an “F” grade on Studentweb. Both these instances are counted as attempts. In both cases, you are eligible to appear for the postponed examination in the course that have this possibility. NB! Digital exam: In Inspera, the option for withdrawing from the exam (1) is called "submit blank" ("lever blankt"). This option is available via the menu in the upper right corner of your screen.

I was sick and could not appear for the examination. What do I do? See the article Illness during exam for information and application form for legitimate abcense.

Special examination arrangements

I have a requirement for special arrangements during the examination. What do I do? If you have a health problem or are functionally challenged in some way, you may apply for Special examination arrangements. Both chronic and acute/temporary conditions make you eligible for such arrangements or relevant assistance. You need to apply for this, using the prescribed application form, by the given deadline.

Can I provide documentation for the application after the deadline? Yes. The deadline for this is one month after the application deadline, unless otherwise agreed.

The deadline for submitting the application has passed. Can I still apply? If you have an acute injury or sickness, which has come about after the deadline has passed, your needs will be addressed if possible. Please read the information regarding "Emergencies", see Special examination arrangements

I have sent in my application for special arrangements during the examination. When and how will I be informed if it has been granted? You will receive an intimation on your e-mail when we have received your application. The decision will be sent to your digital mailbox (digital postkasse). If you do not have a digital mailbox, the decision will be sent by post – a letter delivered to your registered residential address. You will receive information about this in good time. It will also appear on Studentweb.

Will I receive extended examination time for a home exam if I have been granted extended examination time for written school exams? If you have been granted extended examination time for written school exams, you will get the equivalent extended time for home exams with a duration of up to and including 1 week.

I have signed up for a digital examination, and have been granted the use of a PC as a special arrangement. Must I carry my own PC to the examination hall? No. You cannot use your own computer. You can only use NTNU’s equipment for the special arrangement.

How will the special arrangements be taken care of during the examination? The examination-inspectors have an overview of who in the exam room have special arrangements, and they will ensure that everyone receives the arrangements they are granted.

What must I do if the special arrangements which I have been granted, have not been taken care of? Contact the Examination Office, as soon as possible. If you discover the lapse first on the day of the examination, request the chief examination inspector to contact the Examination Office on your behalf.

Can I shift my examination venue to another campus? No.

Examination results, explanations of grades and appeals

When is the deadline for announcement of grades? The deadline for the announcement of grades is 3 weeks. If there are public holidays during this period, the deadline will be extended by the corresponding number of days. The deadline for assessment is visible on Studentweb.

The deadline for assessment has passed and I cannot yet find my results on Studentweb. Why is that so? The results will be published on Studentweb by the end of the first working day after the deadline. You can safely assume that the grades will be available close to the deadline, unless you have received information on the contrary. However, if the posting of the results are unduly delayed, please contact the administration personnel of the department which offers the course.

I would like to obtain a transcript of records. How do I get one? You can apply for this through Studentweb. If your duration of admission to the study programme has expired, you can do so by logging on Studentweb via the ID-portal or with your ID Number (11 digits) and PIN (not via Feide).

Can I submit an appeal against the grade I have obtained? Yes, we refer to our webpage for more information.

When can I expect a response to it? It is the faculty/departments which handle these appeals. Contact the administration-personnel at the department concerned.


When do I receive my diploma? Your degree certificate will be issued when your study plan has been completed in all respects. As a general rule, the bachelors degree certificate is awarded in the period July-September and February. However, on request it can be issued all round the year. The Masters degree certificate is awarded all year around, whenever the requirements have been fulfilled. There is usually a waiting period of a few weeks, when many certificates are to be issued in the same period of time. During this time, if students need proof of having obtained their degrees (for job applications or advanced courses – Masters or PhD), they could request the faculty administration to provide a letter of confirmation to this effect.

How do I receive the diploma? Your paper diploma will be sent from the faculty by registered post to the home address you have registered in Studentweb, unless otherwise is agreed. If you receive a digital diploma you will have it available in Studentweb and in the Diploma Registry portal. You will receive a letter/e-mail when the diploma is issued.

I have not obtained my degree-certificate. Why is that so? There could be several reasons why you have not received it.

  • Your study plan is not complete. Please contact your faculty.
  • You have provided the wrong postal address on Studentweb and so the dispatched certificate has come back to us.
  • You have forgotten to collect your diploma from the Post Office and so it has been returned to NTNU.

Is it possible to postpone the issue of diplomas? If you want to improve a grade within your degree, you may delay your diploma by two semesters after you have formally completed your degree requirements. You will receive information regarding this issue during your last semester

I have misplaced my degree-certificate. What must I do? The diploma is issued and sent only once, but we make a copy of all our diplomas. If you have lost it, you will have a copy. We recommend that you use the Diploma registry (Vitnemålsportalen).

What is the Diploma registry (Vitnemålsportalen)? It is the official digital service which makes it possible to share your results from higher education in Norway and share them with others.

Can I have a copy of my Diploma? Yes you may ask your faculty for a copy of the Diploma, but be aware that this can take time and is not always possible.

Other topics

I have acquired my degree from NTNU, but would like to improve my grades in some courses. Can I do that? Students who have already acquired their degrees from NTNU but wish to improve their grades, can apply for an active student status via Application web.

I am not able to access the lecture slides and other reading materials of my courses on Blackboard. Please advice. Please contact the student advisor at your department for help.

I would like to access older question papers. Where can I find them? Just check Blackboard and see if they are made available to you there. If not, contact the department which offers the course.

I need a letter of confirmation of my credits / progress made in my studies, to be sent to the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, NAV etc. What must I do? NTNU keeps the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund informed about your study-points/ECTS and the progress you make in your studies at the university, on a continuous basis (daily). The Examination Office can provide you with a letter confirming the courses you have signed up for, in the current semester. If you need more detailed historical data, please contact your department’s study advisor.

Will there be conducted checks of support material for home exams? NTNU can not check support material when exams are sat at home. For home exams, all support material is permitted, but the exam is an individual, independent work. Non-regulated communication with others regarding the exam questions, and exchanging answers, is regarded as cheating. All answers are checked for plagiarism. For digital oral exams you must be prepared to show valid picture identification, as well as filming the room you are seated in to show you are alone. More information and regulations for oral exams are available on Digital oral exam - for students.

What happens if I am caught cheating on my exam? Cheating on an exam can result in both annulment of the exam in question and suspension from NTNU, as well as losing the right to sit exams at other institutions subject to the act relating to universities and university colleges. For more information, see Cheating on exams.


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