Admission to study

Admission to a study programme or course provides the right to study. Study admission entitles you to participate in all teaching, academic supervision, access to the learning platform and assessment in accordance with the programme description and course descriptions included in the programme of study. In order to retain the right to study you must comply with certain requirements.

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Conditions for retaining the right to study

In order to retain the right to study, you must pay the required fees (semester fee and course fee) and register for the semester within the deadlines. You retain the admission until:

  • you withdraw from the study programme.
  • the studies have been completed and passed.
  • the right to study is lost.

Loss of admission to study

The faculty will decide in matters regarding loss of admission. You may lose the right to study when you:

  • do not pay the semester fee.
  • has exceeded the stipulated limit for standardised and extended time. See information below on extended study admission.
  • has not produced credits in the last three semesters in the programme of study to which you have been admitted. Note that if special needs are documented, you may apply to the faculty for an individual education plan that goes beyond this.
  • has used up your examination attempts in a course that is mandatory according to the programme description.
  • has completed the same mandatory practical training twice, without a passing grade.
  • has not submitted the original documents that has provided the basis for admission to programme when prompted. Rector decides in matters of termination of admission under this provision.

You will be notified and have the opportunity to make a statement within the specified time limit, before a decision is made. You are entitled to appeal to NTNU's Appeals Committee on the decision.

If you cheat on exam or compulsory activities, your right to study may be suspended for a maximum of one year. See topic page regarding cheating on the exam.

Extended study admission

If you are late in your studies, the right to study may be extended by 50% of the program's standard time. For example, if you have admission to a 2-year master's programme for 120 credits, you will be able to apply for an extension for one additional year. If special needs are documented, you may apply for further extension. The studies at NTNU can also be conducted as part-time studies for a shorter or longer time, or you may apply for a leave of absence. Leave of absence from your studies should not reduce your opportunity for an extended study admission.

Questions about study admission?

Contact your student advisor at your faculty if you have questions related to your studies, loss of study or extension of studies.


See section 3 in the Academic Regulations at NTNU "Admission to study and leave of absence".

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