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Leave of absence

For students

Leave of absence

Here's how you apply for a leave of absence

Application form for leave of absence 

Leave is generally granted for one academic year, but it is also possible to apply for leave for a single semester. You must have completed at least 30 credits included in the study program to apply for a permit without justifying the application.

Your faculty can approve a leave of absence of more than one year if you can document compelling reasons or special needs, such as:

About leave of absence; section3-4 in the regulations for studies at NTNU (pdf)

Check the supplementary regulations for studies at NTNU (in Norwegian)

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Leave of absence

Important information for those on leave

You do not have to pay the semester fee and register for the semester during the period when you are on leave. If you are going to take one or more examinations during this period, you must register for the exam and pay the semester fee within the ordinary deadlines. If you are admitted to several study programmes at NTNU, you must submit one application for each study programme you want a leave from.

Leave of absence - military service

Military service

Vernepliktskontakten (Military service contacts) can help you apply for a leave of absence from your studies.


Maternity and parental leave

Kontakt - Studiepermisjon


Contact your study advisor if you have questions. 

If you have attachments to be added to your application for a leave of absence, these must be sent to the department that owns the degree. You can find contact information on the website of the study program.