Delayed in your studies

Students can be delayed in their studies, either because they fail to pass the exam, or because they do not complete the compulsory assignments or exams as planned.

Norsk versjon – Forsinket i studiene 

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Contact student counselor

If you are unable to complete your studies as scheduled (on the standard time), contact a study advisor at your faculty. The student counselor can help you set a plan for further study, so you do not spend more time than necessary to recover the lost. The student counselor is also familiar with the regulations and the possibilities and rights you have as a student in such a situation.

Economy and delayed studies

It may have financial consequences if you are delayed in your studies. See information about what you are entitled to from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.


Chapter 3 of the Academic Regulations for NTNU (pdf) on part-time studies (applies to the entire NTNU), and supplementary academic regulations (only in Norwegian).